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Step Ladders

Step Ladders 20% Off Sale

Why choose a step ladder?

Step ladders are extremely versatile, making any task whether at home or at work easy and safe to complete. Despite not providing as much height as some other ladders on the market their adaptability to different environments and overall reliability over time makes them incredible value. There is so much more to the word “step ladder” than just a ladder and it can be tricky at times to see what the right choice for you is when there are so many step ladders for sale, but no matter which step ladder you choose you will get a high-quality tool you won’t want to be without.

Trade Platform step ladder

This is the simplest model of step ladder we provide but that doesn’t deter from its impressive features and benefits. Ideal for tradesmen and DIY users alike this step ladder offers unrivalled safety and stability when working at height. It has an extra-large, non-slip platform and a high support rail so you can feel safe and confident in climbing the ladder. The trade platform step ladder is also available in six different sizes so you can find the right size to suit your work.

Fibreglass step ladders

Our fibreglass step ladders are designed with heavy use in mind and are non-conductive, withstanding electricity up to 30,000 volts. Naturally, this makes them the ideal choice for electrical work as you can feel protected from any potential shocks or injuries with the fibreglass step ladder.

3-way combi stair ladder

This step ladder is perfect for DIY users as it can be used for a range of jobs, making it an ideal addition to any household. It can be used in 3 different configurations; as an extension ladder, a step ladder, and it can be used on stairs making it very unique and diverse. Also, the sliding mechanism allows you to easily change between each configuration and the extra wide legs at the base ensure full stability. The ease of the sliding mechanism will help you save a lot of time and effort setting up in comparison to other ladders in the larger market. A key benefit of the stair ladder means you can finally reach those allusive corners when cleaning or decorating and positioning the ladder on the stairs isn’t any less safe then when you have the ladder in the extension or step ladder configuration thanks to an impressive design with the highest standard of safety features.

Tripod ladders

Our tripod ladder range is the best option for gardening enthusiasts as they allow you to get up close and personal to any hedges, trees, or bushes. They are designed specifically with gardening in mind, the ground spike built into the rear leg provides you with a secure base to work from. However, the tripod isn’t restricted to just garden work. Alongside this ladder we provide you with a free interchangeable rubber foot so you can use it on hard surfaces too. Like with most of our ladders the tripod range is made from industrial grade aluminium. Aluminium is not only extremely robust and strong but also it doesn’t corrode in rain making it the perfect material for ladders that are going to be used for outdoor work in particular. You can feel confident that these ladders are built to last and won’t have to worry about any repairs or replacements over time.

3-section combination ladders

Similar to the stair ladder the combination ladder has different configurations which allows for varied uses. It can be used in a free standing, step ladder configuration or as an extension ladder so all your needs can be catered for no matter what work you are carrying out. The ladder has an integrated stabiliser bar for maximum grip and auto locking clamps which hold the sections of the ladder together securely, making it more comfortable and safer to use. A benefit of the 3-section design is it makes the ladder compact in storage and easy to transport, so you won’t be tripping over it in your garage or struggling to carry it out if taking it out on jobs. Again, with this ladder the aluminium material gives the lightweight and ease of use without sacrificing any strength or safety.

Multi-purpose ladder

When we say multi-purpose, we really mean it with this ladder as it can be used in a total of 14 different configurations! It comes with two stabilising bars and extra strong steel trays making it a must have for any DIY or tradesperson. Despite its size and configurations, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed in trying to work the ladder. The locking levers on each hinge allow the user to unlock and manoeuvre the ladder into position easily, making it very easy to operate. When taken apart it is easy to store and transport as it will fit comfortably in a car boot or garden shed.