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Stair Scaffold Tower

Stair Scaffold Tower
Stair Scaffold Tower - view 1Stair Scaffold Tower - view 2Stair Scaffold Tower - view 3Stair Scaffold Tower - view 4Stair Scaffold Tower - view 5Stair Scaffold Tower - view 6Stair Scaffold Tower - view 7Stair Scaffold Tower - view 8Stair Scaffold Tower - view 9Stair Scaffold Tower - view 10Stair Scaffold Tower - view 11Stair Scaffold Tower - view 12
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Select Your Optional Discounted Scaffold Tower Essentials Below:
  • 2x Outriggers £149.99£149.99
  • 4x Outriggers £299.98£289.99
  • 1x Wall Prop £99.99£89.99
  • 2x Wall Props £199.98£167.99
  • 4 x Bumpers/Wall Protectors £44.99£29.99
  • Scafftag Complete Box Set (x10 Holders, x20 Inserts) £84.99£74.99
  • Scafftag Large Company Set (x5 Holders, x10 Inserts) £49.99£42.99
  • Scafftag Medium Company Set (x3 Holders, x8 Inserts) £34.99£27.99
  • Scafftag Small Company Set (x2 Holders, x 6 Inserts) £29.99£22.99
  • Scafftag Individual User Set (x1 Holder, x4 Inserts) £24.99£17.99
  • Product Description
    Our Stair Scaffold Tower is the perfect solution for reaching those hard to access areas above stairwells, meaning you no longer have to take any risks using scaffold boards or any other inadequate equipment. With an overall width of just 760mm they will fit almost any application and also boast a detachable lower ladder section, making it easy to access the inside of the tower whilst it is in situ. Manufactured in the UK, they are made from the same heavy duty aluminium that our industrial towers are constructed from, making them the best quality stair tower around.
    • Inclusive free next day delivery on top of an unbeatable price - beware of "hidden" delivery charges or slow 2,3,4 or even 5 day delivery times!

    • Fully compliant to European Tower Standard EN1004, for your peace of mind

    • Conforms completely to the requirements of the 3T erection and dismantling method as set out by HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and PASMA

    • Extremely strong each platform has a safe working load of 275kg (43.3 stone)

    • Overall width is just 760mm making the tower ideal for narrow access or stairwells

    • Walk-Through functionality - Removable ladder section at base enables you to access the inside of the tower, even in the tightest of spaces

    • Height adjustable base plates allow you to easily level the tower, no matter the pitch of your staircase a vital feature

    • Platform height can be set at increments of 250mm, giving you greater flexibility in your working height

    • Unique frame locking clips are secured to the frame for safe keeping and wont get lost

    • Colour coded braces for easy identification making the tower quick and simple to erect

    • Non-slip, marine plywood platform offers superb grip when using

    • Unique one piece, folding toe board made from marine quality plywood - lighter than the aluminium equivalent and much easier to handle

    • Frame rungs just 250mm apart, making the tower more comfortable to climb

    • Platform has self-closing trap door for maximum safety

    • Can also be used as a tower on level ground (with additional parts)

    • Wall props and outriggers available as an extra to increase stability of the tower, if needed

    • Designed and Manufactured in the UK


  • Key Benefits
    1. Fully complies with EN1004 safety standard, for your reassurance
    2. Super strong - 275kg weight rating per platform stronger than others on the market
    3. Just 760mm wide - Ideal for narrow stairwells, landing areas or other tight spaces (760mm wide)
    4. Removable ladder section at base allows user to climb tower internally as is required by HSE and Pasma, thus making it easy to use
    5. Unique, one piece folding toe board - quicker and easier to fit
    6. Non-slip platform with self-closing trapdoor for maximum safety and security
  • Why Buy From Us?


    BPS Stair Scaffold Tower
    Manufactured in the UK by an ISO 9001 licensed company - in our opinion the only way to guarantee a consistently top quality product. Fully compliant with EN1004 (European Safety Standard). Made with the same grade aluminium that our Industrial Towers use, for maximum strength. Put simply, the best stair tower money can buy.

    Inferior alternatives
    Leader and Loyal towers are manufactured in China which can result in poor, or at best, a variable quality product. Spares may also be difficult to obtain at short notice or maybe not at all. Please note, retailers who sell these products all mis-represent the country of manufacture. Non ISO 9001 manufacturers do not have the same quality standards as us. Please be aware- just because a retailer presents the British flag on their web site does not necessarily mean the tower is manufactured in the UK!


    BPS Stair Scaffold Tower
    Top value choice in Stair Scaffold Towers. We always use the best components available and add value where we can - for example the removable ladder section enables users to easily access the inside of this tower when set up on the staircase. In addition, wrap around frame clips ensure they are easy to attach and wont get lost. One piece folding wooden toeboards are lighter.

    Inferior alternatives
    Bare minimum/inferior components offered to keep prices down. Aluminium folding toeboards are too heavy. Locking pins will get lost - and you can't work without them.


    BPS Stair Scaffold Tower
    We are the UK Tower Experts having sold many thousands over the past 15 years. Massive stocks always available for next day delivery all backed up by our knowledgeable sales teams and celebrated after sales service. Check out the superb customer reviews received through the independent agency FEEFO. We are open 7 days a week (weekdays until 9pm in the evening) to provide product advice and take your orders. We also trade though multiple channels and you can make a purchase 24/7 through our web site.

    Inferior alternatives
    Limited product knowledge provided by some competitors who you can only contact during their limited opening hours on weekdays. Some companies even "invent" their own reviews or are not confident enough to join the sort of independent scheme that we subscribe to. Out of date customer reviews by some, or none at all!


    BPS Stair Scaffold Tower
    Our Stair towers are manufactured in the UK by an ISO 9001 licensed company and are fully compliant with EN1004 (European Safety Standard). The towers fully comply with all HSE (Health & Safety Executive) policies, including the "3T" method of erecting and dismantling. Tower manufactured from top quality certified aluminium sourced in the UK.

    Inferior alternatives
    Towers not tested to current UK requirements - or are manufactured by disreputable companies.


    BPS Stair Scaffold Tower
    We are confident that our prices are the best available. They include FREE next day delivery to the UK Mainland (a small charge may be made on deliveries to the Scottish Highlands and UK Islands). We buy in bulk! - and in doing so can command the very best prices which we are able to pass on to our customers. Put simply - we will not be beaten on price!

    Inferior alternatives
    Some companies charge extra for delivery, but you will not be made aware of this until the last minute. Next day delivery available but appears to be variable from what we are told and chargeable as an "extra".


    BPS Stair Scaffold Tower
    Forever Guaranteed - we offer a no quibble LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our products - in the unlikely event that problems are experienced we will either repair or replace the affected part. We are a UK based and owned company who have been trading for many years so this peace of mind is definitely worth having. As our Stair Scaffold Towers are manufactured in the UK, spare parts are readily available.

    Inferior alternatives
    Not lifetime guarantee or offered by a non UK company who have been trading here for a relatively short period - probably not worth much in the event of a problem. You may also have to wait some time for any replacement parts to be shipped from China.


    BPS Stair Scaffold Tower
    Comprehensive and written in a way that is easy to understand. Supplied in written form with the tower but can also be downloaded from our website. Our celebrated aftersales team are also available to answer any questions you may have.

    Inferior alternatives
    Poorly written or none supplied at all/only supplied in written form which can become lost or damaged. No manual will mean no work on building sites!


    BPS Stair Scaffold Tower
    Towers supplied in component format with an easy to understand "tick list" so you can ensure that you have all necessary parts before construction. Colour coded oversize triggers on brace hooks provided for ease of use and ensures secure fixing every time. We can also provide a comprehensive range of accessories and spares which will be delivered free of charge.

    Inferior alternatives
    Variable documentation supplied with tower and some braces are difficult to operate and prone to breaking. Limited range of spares available.

  • Essential Extras


    • Stair Scaffold 2 x Outriggers - £149.99

      Usual Price: £149.99

      Outriggers are splayed diagonally out from the tower to increase the foot print and much improve stability.
    • Stair Scaffold 4 x Outriggers - £289.99

      Usual Price: £299.98

      Outriggers are splayed diagonally out from the tower to increase the foot print and much improve stability.
    • Stair Scaffold 1 x Wall Prop - £89.99

      Usual Price: £99.99

      Wall props offer maximum stability preventing the tower from rocking by butting up tightly against the walls either side of the tower on the stairs.
    • Stair Scaffold 2 x Wall Prop - £167.99

      Usual Price: £199.98

      Wall props offer maximum stability preventing the tower from rocking by butting up tightly against the walls either side of the tower on the stairs.
    • Set of 4 Bumpers/Wall Protectors for Scaffold Towers & Podium Steps - £29.99

      Usual Price: £44.99

      Our Bumpers/Wall Protectors help protect walls, fixture and fittings from knocks and scrapes during construction & maintenance work.
    • Scafftag Complete Box Set - £74.99

      Usual Price: £84.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Complete Company Set includes: 10 Holders, 20 Inserts and 1 Pen.
    • Scafftag Large Company Set - £42.99

      Usual Price: £49.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Large Company Set includes: 5 Holders and 10 Inserts.
    • Scafftag Medium Company Set - £27.99

      Usual Price: £34.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Medium Company Set includes: 3 Holders and 8 Inserts.
    • Scafftag Small Company Set - £22.99

      Usual Price: £29.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Small Company Set includes: 2 Holders and 6 Inserts.
    • Scafftag Individual User Set - £17.99

      Usual Price: £24.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Individual User Set includes: 1 Holder and 4 Inserts.
  • Fact Sheets
  • Delivery Info

    Orders placed before 2.00pm Monday to Friday will be dispatched same day for next working day delivery to UK addresses.

    Orders placed after 2.00pm will be treated, for the purposes of delivery, as having been placed the next working day.

    Working days are defined as Monday Friday (excluding bank and public holidays) therefore any orders placed after 2.00pm on Friday will not be processed until Monday.

    All delivery timescales are approximate

    Whilst we will give you our carriers tracking details, we regret that precise delivery times cannot be specified at the present time. Morning (including Saturday) deliveries (pre 12.30pm) are available under our premium delivery service and details of costs can be found in the checkout.

    Please note there are a small number of postcodes, usually in remote rural areas, to which we may not be able to deliver within the provided timescale.

  • F.A.Q.

    Is this tower suitable for site use?

    This would need to be checked with the Health and Safety executive on site. The tower is fully compliant with the EN 1004 standard and is also made by the same manufacturer who provide our industrial scaffold tower, so all the parts are heavy duty and of industrial quality.

    Can I use this tower on uneven ground?

    Yes you can. The base plates supplied with the tower can be adjusted by up to 250mm.

    Ive lost a component of my tower. Can I purchase replacement parts?

    Yes you can. We keep a comprehensive range of spare parts in stock, which are readily available for next day delivery (if ordered before our cut off time).

    Can more than one person work on the platform?

    We recommend only 1 person works on the platform at one time.

    Can I extend the height of the tower at a later date?

    Yes. These towers can be extended up to 7.3m platform height, simply give us a call and well tell you what you need.

    What is the diameter of the framework?

    The framework tube diameter is 50.8mm.

    I see you can buy wall props as an extra, how do these work?

    Wall props are great for adding extra stability. They clamp to the tower then can be adjusted outwards to rest against the staircase wall, reducing the movement in the tower.

    Can the tower be configured to enable use on level ground?

    Yes it can but you need to purchase a few extra components to do this. Simply give us a call and well tell you what you need.

Price & Product Dimensions

  • 2.8m Stair Scaffold Tower
    Our Unbeatable Price : £844.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £1083.99)
    Tower Height : 3.80m (12'6")
    Max. Platform Height : 2.80m (9'2")
    Length : 1.50m (4'11")
    Width : 0.76m (2'6")
    Height Adjustment : 0.25m (10")
  • 4.3m Stair Scaffold Tower
    Our Unbeatable Price : £1,214.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £1515.99)
    Tower Height : 5.30m (17'5")
    Max. Platform Height : 4.30m (14'1")
    Length : 1.50m (4'11")
    Width : 0.76m (2'6")
    Height Adjustment : 0.25m (10")
  • 5.8m Stair Scaffold Tower
    Our Unbeatable Price : £1,599.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £2015.99)
    Tower Height : 6.80m (22'4")
    Max. Platform Height : 5.80m (19'0")
    Length : 1.50m (4'11")
    Width : 0.76m (2'6")
    Height Adjustment : 0.25m (10")
  • 7.3m Stair Scaffold Tower
    Our Unbeatable Price : £1,939.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £2417.99)
    Tower Height : 8.30m (27'3")
    Max. Platform Height : 7.30m (23'11")
    Length : 1.50m (4'11")
    Width : 0.76m (2'6")
    Height Adjustment : 0.25m (10")

What is a stairwell scaffold tower?

A stairwell scaffold tower is a tower that allows you to perform on-site installations and repair or decorating jobs safely and efficiently, even when the tower has to be placed on stairs. These towers provide secure access for any worker or employee to handle easy or demanding jobs on a fully stable platform. Having to work around stairwells is quite difficult and awkward when you’re using normal scaffold towers or ladders, but stairwell scaffold towers are specifically designed to give safe access over stairs.

Why choose a stairwell scaffold tower?

Many trade workers such as painters, construction workers, decorators, contractors, and maintenance workers need a stable platform with height advantage to minimise the risk of any slips and falls whilst on-site. Before carrying out work you should ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you have an integrated ladder system for easy and safe access?
  • Is your ladder frame a stable working platform to use in stairwells?
  • Can you guarantee safe stairwell access whilst complying with Health and Safety standards?
  • Are your employees comfortable working at height on a steep staircase or stairwell?

If you answered “no” to at least one of the questions, a stairwell scaffold tower is the right choice for you. As well as affecting the safety of your employees, working at height on a steep staircase also impacts the productivity and overall quality of service your company provides. With this in mind, a stairwell scaffold tower can be of significant benefit to you and your business.

Benefits of a stairwell scaffold tower

Strength and durability

At BPS our stairwell scaffold towers boast an impressive 275kg weight rating per platform, which is stronger than many other competitors on the market. The aluminium construction also means our towers are highly durable, making it beneficial for workers in trade who will require heavy usage of their tower.

Narrow width

Our stairwell tower is only 760mm wide which would be odd for a normal scaffold tower, but for one designed specifically for narrow stairwells, landing areas, and other more compact spaces, it is ideal. Don’t worry, a narrower frame does not mean any compromises on safety or security as the stairwell scaffold tower comes with a non-slip platform with a self-closing trapdoor to maximise the climber’s stability and ensure they are completely protected.

Removable ladder section

Having a removable ladder section at the base of the tower not only adheres to the requirements of HSE and Pasma but also makes the tower easier to use in general.

Order your stairwell scaffold tower from BPS now and don’t miss out on our unbeatable price.

We check our competitors' prices daily to ensure you get the best deal. All prices include free delivery to the mainland UK - others hide delivery costs until the last moment. We Will Not Be Beaten On Price!

Importantly our Tower is manufactured in the UK and complies to EN 1004. It also fully complies with all UK Health & Safety legislation including the 3T erection and dismantling method.

All of our friendly staff are trained to the highest standards and will be able to assist you with any query before you buy. We also have a celebrated after sales service for any help you may require after your purchase.