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Modular Staircases

Why get a modular staircase in your home?

There are many different ways you can make your interior look modern and attractive. Over recent years the concept of modular staircases has become extremely popular and it’s clear to see why. They add an extra dimension to the interior decoration of your home and offer plenty of space to manoeuvre around no matter what size room you are working with as they can be fitted into any area. If you are not too familiar with modular staircases or are only just getting round to considering them, below are some of the benefits.

  • Durability - Our Deluxe/Grand Modular Staircases come with a remarkable 275kg weight rating. So, despite their more slimline appearance they can take just as much as a normal staircase and have significant longevity.
  • They are easy to install without the need of specialist tools or risk of encountering the more complex issues that arise when having a traditional staircase fitted.
  • The design is flexible so you can have it configured as a straight staircase or with a turn of up 90 degrees at the top or bottom of the staircase. Therefore, you can decide what will have the most visual appeal in your home and the modular stairs will be able to suit any application.
  • Our staircases come with height adjustable treads which means you can achieve the precise height you need between your floors.
  • The structure is extremely reliable as modular connections are not loosened or weakened over time.
  • They are quiet, sometimes with normal wooden staircases even with a carpet overlay you will hear creaking when someone is coming up or down. With a modular staircase you won’t hear a single sound and can get peace and quiet in your home.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, modular staircases require little maintenance and will look clean and fresh for longer than other types of stairs.
  • Elegant design that will add the wow factor to any interior.
  • A cheaper alternative to investing in a traditional staircase that will perform the same function.
  • Our innovative paddle step design will help you save even more space than a traditional staircase as well as providing a superior visual presence in the home.
  • The handrail is heavy duty to ensure maximum safety and security when going up and down the stairs.
  • Thick beech treads that will offer increased strength and rigidity, on our models the treads are 35mm in comparison to most others on the market with just 27mm.

With so many useful benefits why wouldn’t you want a modular staircase in your home? Order yours now at our unbeatable price.