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Warehouse/Mobile Steps

Our range of mobile steps are ideal for many work environments from retail spaces to warehouses. You will find mobile steps that provide functionality and ease of use when you buy our steps. Let’s take a look at some of the key features and benefits of our mobile steps below to give you an idea of what will suit your business’ operations best.

Warehouse platform step ladder 

As the name suggests this ladder was designed with warehouse use in mind, ideal for accessing storage shelving and racking regularly. It has a side handrail to ensure maximum safety whilst on the ladder which is particularly important if you are going to be holding products or equipment. This ladder is industrial quality, holding an impressive 150kg so no matter what work you need to carry out the warehouse platform step ladder will make an invaluable tool to assist you.

Industrial mobile steps 

These steps can hold a staggering 300kg in weight making it extremely useful for all industrial and construction environments. However, it can also be very beneficial in retail, commercial, office, and warehouse applications. This is because it has a large top standing platform for comfort and easy access if you were trying to find a specific inventory item in retail for example. With 14 sizes available ranging from 2 tread to 16 treads there is definitely something for everyone in this ladder.

Lightweight industrial mobile steps 

Whilst still boasting the 300kg holding weight of the previous industrial steps, these are designed to be much lighter and therefore making them easy to manoeuvre. This makes them more than suitable for retail, office, and warehouse space as any worker will be able to set it up and move it simply without worrying about it being too heavy or difficult for them. The lightweight industrial mobile steps come in 5 sizes from 2 to 6 treads so again there is flexibility in finding what will work best in your business.

Narrow industrial mobile steps 

These steps are fitted with 450mm wide treads which gives them an overall width of just 590mm or 630mm making them the right fit for work in small spaces and down narrow aisles. Again, this makes them extremely useful across a range of environments including industrial, retail, construction, offices, and warehouses. There is nothing more frustrating than having a particularly awkward space in your operation that needs a specific narrow set of steps, but we have that solution for you here. Also, you don’t have to worry that the narrow industrial mobile steps are inferior in quality because of their size. Like with the previous options these steps have a 300kg holding weight, are as equally built for the safety of the climber and can securely reach heights of up to 2000mm.

Extra wide industrial mobile steps 

These steps are built wider than the standard industrial mobile steps being 700mm, with 150mm extra width than the standard 550mm. This allows for extra comfort and ease to work on as you have that bit of added space to move if necessary, for the work you are doing. It nicely suits all the previously mentioned industries and is the tallest set of steps we have seen yet reaching an impressive 3750mm. So, if width and height is what you are looking for in your operation these steps could be right for you.

Knock down industrial mobile steps

These steps are designed for fitting through tight doorways or halls to get to the required working area. Also, they come in handy where low hanging lights or beams are found, and the standard industrial steps may not fit under. If you do work in a building that has a lot of smaller doors and halls then this ladder will help you significantly, saving a lot of time and struggle.