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Roof Windows

Roof Windows

Why choose FAKRO roof windows?

Modern design pioneering the future

FAKRO windows are contemporary, high-performing home essentials that have set a new industry standard and encouraged people to request them by name. Every conceivable factor that might affect the user has been carefully thought about and dealt with in the design, bringing the future of roof windows to the present day.

Our range of FAKRO windows provides a bigger glazing area which ensures they are the most efficient in terms of letting in natural daylight. As well as significantly enhancing the loft space environment, innovative elements of these windows, like the automatic air inlet, will make sure that there is an optimum level of fresh air coming into your home without any unnecessary heat loss.

The ahead-of-its-time security system has increased the standard of burglary resistance, while the inclusion of environmentally sustainable technologies has allowed the creation of some of the most thermally efficient roof windows in the country. This combines an outstanding U-value with the use of eco-friendly insulation and air-tight flashing.

Plenty of natural light

Skylight windows by FAKRO will give you just the right amount of illumination of the room within a loft space. Specifically shaped profiles of the frame and sash, as well as the air inlet located in the upper part of the frame, allow natural light to flood into your home. The FAKRO windows we supply provide extended height thereby ensuring maximum room illumination and effective light distribution.

Sustainable energy balance

In addition to offering an effective source of light, roof windows can also work as a means for passive heating in the colder winter months. The bigger glazed area is suitably more efficient than other similar products in this way, with the free thermal energy being retained by virtue of their energy efficient design. These roof windows can also be used as a beneficial source of fresh air, the right amount of air secures a healthy microclimate while still avoiding heat loss. FAKRO roof window design allows a sustainable balance when it comes to air quality and energy saving.

Versatile and simple installation

Proper installation is extremely important for a roof window’s long-term performance and efficiency. FAKRO skylight windows have mounting brackets that enable them to be fitted to either rafters or battens. They can also be fitted at three different depths. ‘Higher’ window installation at the N level (which is 3cm higher than standard) in conjunction with Thermo flashing encourages the window to sit at a higher level within the roof line.

These installations often perform better in adverse weather conditions, especially in cases of high snowfall. Setting the window deeper into the roof (the J level, 3cm lower than standard) minimises heat loss. The improved visual aesthetics are especially noticeable with slate and plain tile roofs, and they can be an important factor in conservation areas.

Unique and effective security system

FAKRO windows have an innovative system of uniquely shaped and mounted hinges to prevent timber splitting or forcing of the hinges and sash. This solution is a lot stronger than any system previously developed or used. These roof windows also have metal reinforcement and specially reinforced structure and locking parts which makes an attempted break-in much more difficult.

It is essential that roof windows provide effective protection against possible intruders. FAKRO windows are designed to give homeowners the highest level of security and peace of mind. The specialised security system combined with toughened external glass significantly enhances resistance to break-in attempts and suitably protects the sash from opening if accidentally stepped on.

Impressive ecology

In terms of their impact on the environment, our range of FAKRO windows offer the highest levels of thermal efficiency whilst also being made using renewable natural resources. Low profile solar panels can be added and used in modular form with FAKRO roof windows to allow free energy to be collected. Ecological considerations are also extended to the sustainable use of other raw materials alongside management planning and rational waste management during the manufacturing process.

Aesthetically appealing

With FAKRO windows the highest standard of production goes hand in hand with attention to detail and styling, so these roof windows can suit any interior design style. Roof windows are frequently used as a key aspect of modern interior design. All FAKRO windows that we supply provide an essential combination of functionality, quality, and visual appeal. From an exterior point of view, the profiles are modern and can be compatible with any type of roof structure or pitch.