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DIY Scaffold Towers

Why choose a DIY scaffold tower?

For large scale home DIY jobs like decorating, pruning your trees and washing your windows, a ladder may not always be the best choice. A DIY scaffold tower will offer you more freedom of movement to carry out a task which is especially important if you need to be at height for a longer period of time. 

The ability to move around more on a scaffold tower also might save you time in doing your task as you won’t need to stop and keep repositioning the tower like you would with a ladder. If you are doing quite fiddly work that needs both hands, a scaffold tower would be preferable as you should keep three points of contact at all times when on a ladder. A DIY scaffold tower is also a good choice for situations where it would be difficult to use a ladder safely. 

In general, a scaffold tower should be used instead of a ladder if:

  • You will need to work at height for longer than 30 minutes
  • You need more freedom of movement whilst working from height
  • You are unable to secure or stabilise your ladder

What can DIY scaffold towers be used for?

Many people often assume that scaffold towers are only for outdoor use, and mainly for tradespeople who carry out a lot of construction work, but this is not the case. DIY scaffold towers from BPS are extremely versatile for both indoor and outdoor tasks. For example, with our Home Master DIY scaffold tower, you can use it partly erect - which would suit indoor DIY like decorating rooms or ceilings - or you can fully erect it for outdoor use, such as painting your house and gardening.

Our range of DIY scaffold towers are quick and easy to assemble for any DIY enthusiast thanks to the fully colour coded braces, which are a convenient and important safety feature that is not found in other towers on the market. There are no tools required or complex instructions with any of our towers during assembly or dismantling. They can be built straight from the packaging so you won’t have the worry, and you can start making full use of your scaffold tower.

Each situation is different, sometimes you may require a ladder, while at other times, a DIY scaffold tower is the better choice. Whichever one you require, you will get the highest standard at the best price from BPS. Don’t miss out on our amazing offers on DIY scaffold towers today and grab yourself a high-quality tower at an affordable price.