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Stair Ladders

Stair Ladders

Ladders and stairs haven’t always made a good combination in the past, but that has all changed thanks to our range of high-quality stair ladders. With our stair ladders you can complete any task on stairs easily and safely. One of the main benefits of buying your stair ladder with us is that our stair ladders can also be used in other configurations, both as a step ladder or an extension ladder, meaning all of your needs can be met in one ladder.

The ladders are safe and easy to use in any configuration, and thanks to our own unique mechanism found in our 3-way combi ladder, they can effortlessly change into whatever form you want to use it for, making it highly versatile. Our stair ladders are designed with the user in mind, and you won’t find safer or more useful products on the market than BPS Access Solutions stair ladders.

How to use your ladder on the stairs

A general rule of ladder use is that they should be placed on even ground to ensure maximum stability while in use. Stair ladders provide you with the ability to safely work in an area that might otherwise be considered potentially dangerous. Our ladders are specifically designed for safe use on stairs, providing you with that extra height when you need it.

When using a combination ladder on stairs (you should only do so if the ladder is designed to do so like our stair ladder options) be sure to follow all of the usual safety guidelines for ladders and stepladders. This means that you must:

  • Keep at least 3 points of contact with the ladder at all times to help maintain your balance
  • Refrain from over-reaching whilst you are on the ladder. If you need to reach an area that is too far from your ladder, you should climb down and reposition it for better access to where you need it
  • Stay below the ladder’s maximum load limit so you don’t put too much weight and pressure on the ladder as you could increase the risk of an accident or causing damage to the ladder
  • Carry only light tools and materials, and only things you will definitely need to complete the task at hand
  • Take your time while ascending and descending the ladder; it isn’t a race, and you will better keep your balance if you don’t rush
  • Follow the guidelines in your ladder’s simple to follow instructions if you need any further information

What is the best ladder for stairs?

We have multiple stair ladders for you to choose from, based on your own personal requirements, as each product has its own key selling point features. However, the 3-way combi ladder is one of our most popular multi-purpose ladders and a great choice if you are looking for a ladder that you can use on stairs. Find out more about each of our stair ladders and order yours today.