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Industrial Scaffold Tower

Industrial Scaffold Tower
Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 1Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 2Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 3Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 4Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 5Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 6Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 7Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 8Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 9Industrial Scaffold Tower - view 10
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Select Your Optional Discounted Scaffold Tower Essentials Below:
  • 4 x Base Plates £99.99£69.99
  • 4 x Tredda Plates £14.99£9.99
  • 4 x Bumpers/Wall Protectors £39.99£29.99
  • Scafftag Complete Box Set (x10 Holders, x20 Inserts) £74.99£64.99
  • Scafftag Large Company Set (x5 Holders, x10 Inserts) £44.99£37.99
  • Scafftag Medium Company Set (x3 Holders, x8 Inserts) £29.99£22.99
  • Scafftag Small Company Set (x2 Holders, x 6 Inserts) £24.99£17.99
  • Scafftag Individual User Set (x1 Holder, x4 Inserts) £19.99£12.99
  • Product Description
    • UK MANUFACTURED SCAFFOLD TOWER - not an inferior Chinese import - by an ISO9001 licenced company
    • Fully certified to the very latest BSI (British Standards Institute) Kitemark (KM617169) in respect to BSEN 1004 (Class 3) and BSEN 1298 (for manual) - our tower has passed the most stringent tests in laboratories and on site for your safety and reassurance. Suitable for all types of work
    • Conforms completely to the requirements of the 3T erection and dismantling method as set out by HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and PASMA
    • Inclusive free next day delivery on top of an unbeatable price - beware of "hidden" delivery charges or slow 2,3,4 or even 5 day delivery times!
    • All of our deliveries are made in one quick, effortless, drop - we do not string out the delivery of your tower over several days as we send your tower from our central warehouse just 15 minutes away from the M25
    • Articulated swivel rubber feet to outriggers - much safer than usual plastic/rubber booted ends
    • Unique frame locking clips - securely fix frames together and will never get lost! Dont forget - no clips then no work on site
    • Much more affordable than the BOSS tower and other brands that litter the market - we will not be beaten on price
    • Extremely strong - weight rating 950kg (149.2 stone) less tower self weight
    • Fitted with strong dual locking castors individually certified to 700KG - the best in the industry
    • Our platforms have a massive weight rating of 275kg (43.3 stone)
    • Unique folding single piece toeboard set made from marine quality plywood which is lighter than the aluminium equivalent and much easier to handle
    • Height adjustment wheels - allows work on uneven ground - allow 250mm of adjustment on each wheel - beware of those who advertise 1m of adjustment as this would be very dangerous and the wheel shaft would not be fitted to the tower uprights!
    • Platforms have a non slip finish for additional safety, with damage resistant claws & an automatic, self closing trapdoor with a cast industrial lock for maximum safety and reassurance whilst on the tower - always ensure your tower has these features as some inferior models do not
    • Platform can be set at increments of 0.5m (1'8") ensuring maximum flexibility to work at a variety of heights - indoors or outdoors
    • Very solid construction for safety and stability, yet being manufactured from aluminium the tower sections are lightweight and easy to handle
    • Colour coded industrial hooks - large coloured trigger for easier identification and operation
    • Oversized cast aluminium fixing to outriggers - easier to use than thin wing nuts
    • Strong ladder incorporated into frame - 2mm thick deeply ribbed aluminium for extra safety and strength
    • Our Industrial Tower is flexible enough to be used indoors & outdoors, for all jobs from the DIYer, to tradesmen, to builders on all building sites
    • Comprehensive assembly instructions included (PASMA approved), written in plain English and incorporating details that relate to the tower you have ordered - therefore no ambiguity whilst building or dismantling the tower
    • Manual also available through QR code printed on frames - in case you leave the paper copy behind
    • We also offer Scafftags with all of our industrial towers at a discounted price with the tower - so you can ensure you are keeping a safe record of your tower and informing those who will be using it of its status - this is a legal requirement when using the tower on building sites
    • We always carry a comprehensive supply of spares for height upgrades or replacement of lost or damaged parts - also available with our FREE next day delivery service
    • Height adjustable tower base plates offered as an upgrade

  • Why Buy From Us?
    BPS Industrial Scaffold Tower
    Inferior alternatives
    Manufactured in the UK by an ISO 9001 licensed company - in our opinion the only way to guarantee a consistently top quality product. Our tower also carries the BSI (British Standards Institute) Kitemark (no. KM617169) which means it has passed the most stringent tests both in the laboratory and on site to ensure suitability for use in the most testing conditions. Put simply, the best tower money can buy.
    Leader and Loyal towers are manufactured in China which can result in poor, or at best, a variable quality product. Spares may also be difficult to obtain at short notice or maybe not at all. Please note, retailers who sell these products all mis-represent the country of manufacture. Non ISO 9001 manufacturers do not have the same quality standards as us.Please be aware- just because a retailer presents the British flag on their web site does not necessarily mean the tower is manufactured in the UK!
    Top value choice in Industrial Scaffold Towers. We always use the best components available and add value where we can - for example the articulated rubber bottomed feet that we fit to our outriggers to give excellent contact with the ground. We also use dual locking casters not always available elsewhere and "wrap around" frame clips making fitting easier and ensuring that you never get caught out by losing the inferior locking pins found on some towers. One piece folding wooden toeboards are lighter make fitting simple.
    Bare minimum/inferior components offered to keep prices down. Aluminium folding toeboards are too heavy. Locking pins will get lost - and you can't work without them.
    We are the UK Tower Experts having sold many thousands over the past 15 years. Massive stocks always available for next day delivery all backed up by our knowledgeable sales teams and celebrated after sales service. Check out the superb customer reviews received through the independent agency FEEFO. We are open 7 days a week (weekdays until 9pm in the evening) to provide product advice and take your orders. We also trade though multiple channells and you can make a purchase 24/7 through our web site.
    Limited product knowledge provided by some competitors who you can only contact during their limited opening hours on weekdays. Some companies even "invent" their own reviews or are not confident enough to join the sort of independent scheme that we subscribe to. Out of date customer reviews by some, or none at all!
    Our Industrial Scaffold Towers are Certified to BSEN1004 (Class 3) and the manual to BSEN1298. The towers fully comply with all HSE (Health & Safety Executive) policies, including the "3T" method of erecting and dismantling. We are PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association) members and keep up to date with current legislation. Tower manufactured from top quality certified aluminium sourced in the UK.
    Towers not tested to current UK requirements - or don't carry any sort of accreditation. Beware of suppliers who claim their tower "conforms to" EN1004. Some retailers are not even PASMA menbers.If in doubt - ask to see safety certification.
    We are confident that our prices are the best available. They include FREE next day delivery to the UK Mainland (a small charge may be made on deliveries to the Scottish Highlands and UK Islands). We buy in bulk! - and in doing so can command the very best prices which we are able to pass on to our customers. Put simply - we will not be beaten on price!
    Some companies charge extra for delivery, but you will not be made aware of this until the last minute. Next day delivery available but appears to be variable from what we are told and chargeable as an "extra".
    Forever Guaranteed - we offer a no quibble LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our products - in the unlikely event that problems are experienced we will either repair or replace the affected part. We are a UK based and owned company who have been trading for many years so this peace of mind is definitely worth having. As our Industrial Scaffold Towers are manufactured in the UK then spare parts are readily available.
    Not lifetime guarantee or offerred by a non UK company who have been trading here for a relatively short period - probably not worth much in the event of a problem. You may also have to wait some time for any replacement parts to be shipped from China.
    Comprehensive and written in a way that is easy to understand. Supplied in written form with the tower, via QR Code stamped on the tower and in electronic form from us if you wish. You will never be without the manual - a vital Health & Safety requirement. Our celebrated aftersales Team are also available to answer any questions you may have.
    Poorly written or none supplied at all/only supplied in written form which can become lost or damaged. No manual will mean no work on building sites!
    Towers supplied in component format with an easy to understand "tick list" so you can ensure that you have all necessary parts before construction. Colour coded oversize triggers on brace hooks provided for ease of use and ensures secure fixing every time. We can also provide a comprehensive range of accessories and spares which will be delivered free of charge.
    Variable documentation supplied with tower and some braces are difficult to operate and prone to breaking. Limited range of spares available.
  • Essential Extras


    • Set of 4 Industrial Scaffold Tower Base Plates - £69.99

      Usual Price: £99.99

      Our Base Plates are ideal for soft ground to spread the load or where the tower is in a fixed location for some time. Simply remove the wheels from the adjustable legs and attach the base plates in their place.
    • Set of 4 Industrial Scaffold Tower Tredda Plates - £9.99

      Usual Price: £14.99

      Our Tredda Plates are used underneath the base plates to provide extra protection for the surface they are being used on. They are load bearing and are extremely durable as they are manufactured from high impact plastic.
    • Set of 4 Bumpers/Wall Protectors for Scaffold Towers & Podium Steps - £29.99

      Usual Price: £39.99

      Our Bumpers/Wall Protectors help protect walls, fixture and fittings from knocks and scrapes during construction & maintenance work.
    • Scafftag Complete Box Set - £64.99

      Usual Price: £74.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Complete Company Set includes: 10 Holders, 20 Inserts and 1 Pen.
    • Scafftag Large Company Set - £37.99

      Usual Price: £44.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Large Company Set includes: 5 Holders and 10 Inserts.
    • Scafftag Medium Company Set - £22.99

      Usual Price: £29.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Medium Company Set includes: 3 Holders and 8 Inserts.
    • Scafftag Small Company Set - £17.99

      Usual Price: £24.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Small Company Set includes: 2 Holders and 6 Inserts.
    • Scafftag Individual User Set - £12.99

      Usual Price: £19.99

      Our Scafftag sets are essential for towers used on site. Our Individual User Set includes: 1 Holder and 4 Inserts.
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  • Delivery Info

    Orders placed before 12.00pm Monday to Friday will be dispatched same day for next working day delivery to UK addresses.

    Orders placed after 12.00pm will be treated, for the purposes of delivery, as having been placed the next working day.

    Working days are defined as Monday Friday (excluding bank and public holidays) therefore any orders placed after 12.00pm on Friday will not be processed until Monday.

    All delivery timescales are approximate

    Whilst we will give you our carriers tracking details, we regret that precise delivery times cannot be specified at the present time. Morning (including Saturday) deliveries (pre 12.30pm) are available under our premium delivery service and details of costs can be found in the checkout.

    Please note there are a small number of postcodes, usually in remote rural areas, to which we may not be able to deliver within the provided timescale.

Price & Product Dimensions

Working Height RRP Our Price
Component List
3.2m (10'6") Working Height 1,069.99 635.99Component List
3.7m (12'2") Working Height 1,089.99 707.99Component List
4.2m (13'9") Working Height 1,109.99 863.99Component List
4.7m (15'5") Working Height 1,149.99 953.99Component List
5.2m (17'1") Working Height 1,249.99 1,049.99Component List
5.7m (18'8") Working Height 1,349.99 1,079.99Component List
6.2m (20'4") Working Height 1,479.99 1,157.99Component List
6.7m (22') Working Height 1,549.99 1,199.99Component List
7.2m (23'7") Working Height 1,589.99 1,247.99Component List
7.7m (25'3") Working Height 1,679.99 1,373.99Component List
8.2m (26'11") Working Height 1,799.99 1,433.99Component List
8.7m (28'6") Working Height 1,899.99 1,541.99Component List
9.2m (30'2") Working Height 1,999.99 1,571.99Component List
9.7m (31'10") Working Height 2,049.99 1,637.99Component List
10.2m (33'6") Working Height 2,089.99 1,787.99Component List
10.7m (35'1") Working Height 2,509.99 1,841.99Component List
11.2m (36'9") Working Height 2,559.99 1,895.99Component List
11.7m (38'5") Working Height 2,859.99 1,931.99Component List
12.2m (40'0") Working Height 3,169.99 1,973.99Component List
12.7m (41'8") Working Height 3,219.99 2,141.99Component List
13.2m (43'4") Working Height 3,269.99 2,183.99Component List
13.7m (44'11") Working Height 3,359.99 2,237.99Component List
14.2m (46'7") Working Height 3,409.99 2,279.99Component List
Working Height RRP Our Price
Component List
3.2m (10'6") Working Height 1,099.99 677.99Component List
3.7m (12'2") Working Height 1,119.99 761.99Component List
4.2m (13'9") Working Height 1,139.99 869.99Component List
4.7m (15'5") Working Height 1,179.99 1,001.99Component List
5.2m (17'1") Working Height 1,299.99 1,073.99Component List
5.7m (18'8") Working Height 1,399.99 1,121.99Component List
6.2m (20'4") Working Height 1,539.99 1,217.99Component List
6.7m (22') Working Height 1,619.99 1,301.99Component List
7.2m (23'7") Working Height 1,659.99 1,361.99Component List
7.7m (25'3") Working Height 1,749.99 1,469.99Component List
8.2m (26'11") Working Height 1,789.99 1,511.99Component List
8.7m (28'6") Working Height 1,949.99 1,685.99Component List
9.2m (30'2") Working Height 1,999.99 1,715.99Component List
9.7m (31'10") Working Height 2,099.99 1,745.99Component List
10.2m (33'6") Working Height 2,199.99 1,901.99Component List
10.7m (35'1") Working Height 2,609.99 1,979.99Component List
11.2m (36'9") Working Height 2,659.99 2,063.99Component List
11.7m (38'5") Working Height 3,099.99 2,171.99Component List
12.2m (40'0") Working Height 3,409.99 2,219.99Component List
12.7m (41'8") Working Height 3,469.99 2,279.99Component List
13.2m (43'4") Working Height 3,529.99 2,327.99Component List
13.7m (44'11") Working Height 3,619.99 2,381.99Component List
14.2m (46'7") Working Height 3,679.99 2,417.99Component List
Working Height RRP Our Price
Component List
3.2m (10'6") Working Height 1,049.99 701.99Component List
3.7m (12'2") Working Height 1,069.99 791.99Component List
4.2m (13'9") Working Height 1,089.99 875.99Component List
4.7m (15'5") Working Height 1,249.99 1,031.99Component List
5.2m (17'1") Working Height 1,349.99 1,205.99Component List
5.7m (18'8") Working Height 1,449.99 1,241.99Component List
6.2m (20'4") Working Height 1,549.99 1,283.99Component List
6.7m (22') Working Height 1,599.99 1,337.99Component List
7.2m (23'7") Working Height 1,639.99 1,397.99Component List
7.7m (25'3") Working Height 1,729.99 1,463.99Component List
8.2m (26'11") Working Height 1,769.99 1,535.99Component List
8.7m (28'6") Working Height 1,949.99 1,655.99Component List
9.2m (30'2") Working Height 2,049.99 1,691.99Component List
9.7m (31'10") Working Height 2,149.99 1,757.99Component List
10.2m (33'6") Working Height 2,199.99 1,925.99Component List
10.7m (35'1") Working Height 2,889.99 1,979.99Component List
11.2m (36'9") Working Height 2,939.99 2,033.99Component List
11.7m (38'5") Working Height 3,099.99 2,099.99Component List
12.2m (40'0") Working Height 3,159.99 2,135.99Component List
12.7m (41'8") Working Height 3,229.99 2,321.99Component List
13.2m (43'4") Working Height 3,289.99 2,357.99Component List
13.7m (44'11") Working Height 3,369.99 2,423.99Component List
14.2m (46'7") Working Height 3,429.99 2,465.99Component List
Working Height RRP Our Price
Component List
3.2m (10'6") Working Height 1,099.99 779.99Component List
3.7m (12'2") Working Height 1,119.99 851.99Component List
4.2m (13'9") Working Height 1,139.99 935.99Component List
4.7m (15'5") Working Height 1,299.99 1,097.99Component List
5.2m (17'1") Working Height 1,449.99 1,289.99Component List
5.7m (18'8") Working Height 1,549.99 1,319.99Component List
6.2m (20'4") Working Height 1,629.99 1,361.99Component List
6.7m (22') Working Height 1,679.99 1,409.99Component List
7.2m (23'7") Working Height 1,719.99 1,457.99Component List
7.7m (25'3") Working Height 1,899.99 1,577.99Component List
8.2m (26'11") Working Height 2,099.99 1,619.99Component List
8.7m (28'6") Working Height 2,199.99 1,733.99Component List
9.2m (30'2") Working Height 2,299.99 1,805.99Component List
9.7m (31'10") Working Height 2,399.99 1,877.99Component List
10.2m (33'6") Working Height 2,499.99 2,033.99Component List
10.7m (35'1") Working Height 3,039.99 2,099.99Component List
11.2m (36'9") Working Height 3,089.99 2,207.99Component List
11.7m (38'5") Working Height 3,339.99 2,243.99Component List
12.2m (40'0") Working Height 3,399.99 2,303.99Component List
12.7m (41'8") Working Height 3,479.99 2,315.99Component List
13.2m (43'4") Working Height 3,539.99 2,363.99Component List
13.7m (44'11") Working Height 3,629.99 2,429.99Component List
14.2m (46'7") Working Height 3,689.99 2,471.99Component List

We check our competitors' prices daily to ensure you get the best deal. All prices include free delivery to the mainland UK - others hide delivery costs until the last moment. We Will Not Be Beaten On Price!

Importantly our Tower is manufactured in the UK, has the British Kitemark and is certified to BSEN 1004 & BSEN 1298. It fully complies with all UK Health & Safety legislation including the 3T erection and dismantling method.

All of our friendly staff are trained to the highest standards and will be able to assist you with any query before you buy. We also have a celebrated after sales service for any help you may require after your purchase.