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Combination Ladders

Combination ladders - the versatile answer to multiple jobs

For the homeowner with a variety of projects on their hands, a combination ladder can be the ideal solution.
  • Combination ladders can be assembled in several configurations depending on the model.
  • They reduce the need for multiple different types of ladder, saving time and effort when setting up.
  • Combination ladders are a cost effective solution for DIYers as there is no need to purchase multiple models.
  • One ladder that can perform multiple functions saves on storage space and is much easier to transport.

Why choose a combination ladder?
Combination ladders are designed with versatility in mind and can be assembled as extension ladders, stepladders and, in some models, adjustable stair ladders. This gives all the benefits of an extension ladder for working at height with the added stability of a stepladder for user safety. All our combination ladders are made from Aluminium, a lightweight hardwearing metal. This makes them easy to transport and erect, even if working alone. Aluminium does not corrode like other metals, making it ideal for working outdoors.

Trade Master 3 Section Combination Ladder
Commonly referred to as a 3 way ladder, these consist of a ladder section with two sliding sections. These can be extended and locked in place with unique auto locking clamps giving a 2 or 3 section extension ladder. An extra wide stabiliser bar gives added stability and safety stoppers ensure the correct level of overlap. This model can also be erected as a double sided stepladder with a steel crossbar and restraining straps for sturdy construction but unlike other stepladders the third section can be extended to allow work at greater heights.

Trade Master 2 Section Combination Ladder
Also known as "A frame ladders", these can be erected as a large two section extension ladder (up to 7.65m for our largest model) with auto locking clamps or as a double sided stepladder with a height of up to 4.32m, making them one of the largest freestanding models on the market. The steel crossbar and stabiliser bar (not included in many competitors' models) mean even with the great height this is still an extremely safe and sturdy stepladder. The ultra secure pivot between sections ensures that in either configuration, the sections are securely held in place.

3 Section Stair Combination Ladder
These can also be erected in the extension ladder, double sided stepladder or freestanding extended stepladder configurations. However, in the freestanding configuration the extended section can also slide up so the ladder can be erected safely on staircases with the base of the two sections sitting on different height steps. This makes them ideal for decorating high stairwells, giving 360 degree reach without leaning on the surface to be decorated and the stability of a stepladder.

2 Section Stair Combination ladder
These are a large double sided stepladder that can also function as a two section extension ladder. As with the three section model one section of the stepladder can slide to allow the user to erect it on different levels of a staircase. Again, this makes it an ideal stair ladder for decorating or outdoors work where stairs or uneven ground could interfere but makes it a more cost effective choice if the added height of the three section stair combination ladder is not required.

3 Way Stair Combination Ladder
These are a smaller model, ideal for all jobs within the home as it can be erected as an extension ladder up to 2.46m, allowing access to most interior ceilings and wall tops. They can also be erected as a double sided stepladder or a stair ladder, with a strong steel locking mechanism to keep the ladder safe and secure in all configurations. The slimmer construction is perfectly suited to narrower staircases and instead of a stabiliser bar the ladder has splayed feet at the base of each section to give an increased footprint with large rubber feet for grip and stability.

At BPS Access Solutions we guarantee quality and affordability. All our combination ladders are rigorously tested to conform to the latest EN 141 safety standards and are delivered free with a lifetime guarantee. If you think a combination ladder is the right choice for your next project, call us today on 0333 006 9776 or email us at