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Combination Ladders

Frequently asked questions

Are combination ladders safe?

Combination ladders are designed to be extremely versatile and suitable for a range of uses with a number of safety features to accommodate. These features include:

  • An integrated stabiliser bar for maximum security and grip
  • Steel auto locking clamps to keep the ladder in place
  • Strong retaining arm with nylon straps to ensure the ladders stability in free standing mode
  • Ribbed, non-slip rungs for superior grip for the climber
  • Rubber stoppers on the side of each section so the ladder cannot be over extended
  • Contoured feet fitted on the end of each section which provides strong grip against a wall when using as an extension ladder

However, the benefits of these safety features can only be fully effective if the ladder is being used and stored correctly. Irresponsible use or care of a combination ladder could lead to damage and wear that compromises your safety. This takes us into the next question that is frequently asked about combination ladders.

How do you use a combination ladder safely?

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure you are correctly using your combination ladder. These steps consist of:

1) Checking the ground surface - if it is uneven or textured a combination that can be set up on different levels would be best to use. The ground should be free of any debris or anything else that could cause the ladder to slip such as water or oil, this should be cleaned up or if it possible move your ladder elsewhere.

2) Be aware of the ladders weight limit - all ladders have a maximum weight that they can support which will be provided with the ladder. Don’t forget it’s not just the weight of the climber but any tools being used too. Overloading the ladder increases the risk of an accident or the ladder completely breaking.

3) Reaching too high - it is standard practice of ladder use that the user should never stand on the top two rungs as this affects stability and balance. If you are using a combination ladder with extending sections, the upper section should be extended to allow the climber to reach higher. You must ensure that your body is always positioned over the rungs and not reaching out the side, as this pulls all the weight to one side. A combination ladder that has an ‘A’ frame should be set up and placed side on to the desired area to offer better reach whilst maintaining strong stability.

Are combination ladders suitable for use on stairs?

An element of extra care needs to be given when working with ladders on uneven surfaces such as those involving stairs. A more specialised type of ladder with a configuration that is designed to work in perfect harmony with stairs is recommended.

We can supply combination ladders specifically for this purpose to ensure that work is carried out with the high level of safety required when working on stairs. With our range of stair ladders, working safely on a range of tasks from general maintenance and decorating doesn’t pose a problem.

Every ladder in the range can be set up so that those hard to reach areas above stairs are much more easily accessible. Our 2 and 3 section stair combination ladders, 3-way combi ladders and multi purpose ladders are ideal for the task.

What is the best combination ladder for home use?

There are a few variations of combination ladders available and it can be tricky knowing which one is the best for you. Whilst they will all be beneficial for home DIY to narrow your choices down it is a good idea to think about exactly what you are going to use it for and look at the features that will be most useful to you.