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3 Section STAIR Combination Ladder

3 Section STAIR Combination Ladder
3 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 13 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 23 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 33 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 43 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 53 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 63 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 73 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 83 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 93 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 103 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 113 Section STAIR Combination Ladder - view 12
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  • Step Platform £34.99£24.99
  • 2 x Step Platforms £54.99£44.98
  • Complete Ladder Stand Off £49.99£39.99
  • Quick Build Roof Hooks £34.99£27.99
  • Anvil Roof Rack Clamps £24.99£14.99
  • Rhino Roof Rack Clamps  £59.99£49.99
  • Wall Pads £17.99£14.99
  • Levelling Mat £24.99£19.99
  • Anvil Storage Brackets £29.99£24.99
  • Grass/Decking Gripper £24.99£19.99
  • Product Description
    BRAND NEW DESIGN! This ladder has all the benefits of our Combi-All-In-One Ladder plus the added advantage of being able to be used on the stairs. It is a brilliant all rounder designed for a whole host of different jobs and is suitable for tradesmen and DIY-ers alike, thanks to its superb build quality and many unique safety features listed below.
    • Inclusive free next day delivery on top of an unbeatable price beware of hidden delivery charges or slow 2,3,4 or even 5 day delivery times!
    • Strong unique top mechanism guides the ladder easily and securely into 4 very useful positions (These are the stair, freestanding, step, and extension ladder configurations).
    • The stair configuration is ideal for decorating stairwells due to its free standing nature so you do not have to lean against any of the walls you are working on. It can also be used on outdoor/garden steps.
    • The free standing configuration (? shape) is great for hedge trimming and pruning (amongst other jobs) as it is not safe to lean a conventional extension ladder up against shrubs and trees etc.
    • Certified to the European trade safety standard EN131 so our ladder is definitely fit for purpose in either trade or domestic environments.
    • Made from aluminium so light and easy to use, but still extremely strong - with a weight rating of 150kg (23.5 stone).
    • Unique steel retaining brace and 2 strong nylon leashes are fitted to ensure the ladder is always set at the right angle in its double sided step and free standing ladder configurations. An important safety addition not found anywhere else.
    • 2 integral safety stoppers ensure that the proper overlap between sections is used when set up as a 2 or 3 section extension ladder Many competitors ladders lack this important safety feature, letting users overextend to as little as a 2 rung overlap leading to a great deal of unnerving flexing & bounce when climbed and used.
    • The broad footed stabiliser bar gives a large footprint and therefore maximum stability in any configuration when compared to other competitors ladders.
    • Rungs are just 265mm (10.5) apart for comfortable and easy climbing - Other ladders have rungs which are set further apart (280mm or even 300mm/12) making them much harder work to climb, especially during jobs that require the user to go up and down many times.
    • Auto locking rung clamps secure sections firmly in place for your peace of mind and reassurance when using the ladder. The clamps also lock it closed for safe and easy transportation.
    • Large non slip rubber feet are fitted to each end of the stabiliser bar for maximum stability and grip when in use. Non-slip feet are also fitted to all side sections, top and bottom, to further boost grip on all surfaces the ladder comes into contact when used in any of its many configurations.
    • Extra wide (up to 420mm on our longest ladders) serrated anti-slip rungs provide a safe and spacious foothold when working and climbing on the ladder.
    • The rungs are twist-proof as they run all the way through the side sections/stiles of the ladder and are crimped securely to the outside for ultimate strength.
    • Strong 'box' construction side sections/stiles provide excellent rigidity.
    • Saves space when stored and transported as this has 3 tiers, and is therefore much more compact than unwieldy 2 tier ladders.
    • The Step Platform is the ideal accessory as it converts the rung you are standing on into a safe and comfortable platform (ensuring rungs no longer cut into your feet). It can also be used as a handy tool tray above you. Just 24.99 (usually 34.99 on its own) with this ladder!
    • Made in the EU by an ISO9001 supplier.
  • Essential Extras


    • Step Platform - £24.99

      Usual Price: £34.99

      Our Step Platform is simple to use and with its non-slip generously sized platform it provides you with a comfortable and safe solution when working off a ladder.
    • 2 x Step Platform - £44.98

      Usual Price: £54.99

      Why not upgrade to 2 x Step Platforms? One will provide you with a non-slip generously sized platform and the other can be used as a handy tool tray.
    • Universal Complete Ladder Stand Off/Stay - £39.99

      Usual Price: £49.99

      Our uniquely designed Ladder Stand Off combines all current technology into one simple standoff solution. Made from heavy duty aluminium, it also comes with a tray which can be used to store tools on.
    • Universal "Quick Build" Ladder Roof Hooks (Pair) - £27.99

      Usual Price: £34.99

      Our Universal Quick Build Roof Hooks can convert any ladder into a roof ladder. They are quick and easy to assemble and boast a large hook arc to suit all roof pitches.
    • Anvil Universal Roof Rack Ladder Clamps - £14.99

      Usual Price: £24.99

      Our Anvil Roof Rack Ladder Clamps provide you with a safe and easy way to secure and transport your ladder. As an added feature, each clamp can be locked for extra security.
    • Rhino Roof Rack Safe Clamps - £49.99

      Usual Price: £59.99

      Our Rhino Safe Clamps have revolutionised the ladder clamp market. The simple lever lock operation releases 5 times faster than traditional, screw-down ladder clamps. They also include integrated key locks for extra security.
    • Wall Pads - £14.99

      Usual Price: £17.99

      Our wall pads are a must for any DIY job. Used at the top of ladder, they provide you with a large non-slip rubber pad which also protects the surface from scuffs and marks.
    • Levelling Mat - £19.99

      Usual Price: £24.99

      Our Universal Levelling Mat provides the perfect solution to uneven or sloping ground. They are supplied as four non-slip heavy duty rubber mats, providing up to 6.5cm of adjustment.
    • Dual Locking Anvil Storage Brackets - £24.99

      Usual Price: £29.99

      Keep your ladder safe with our Dual Locking Anvil Storage Brackets! They are made out of heavy duty powder coated steel and come with two hardened steel padlocks which safely secures and stores your ladder.
    • Universal Grass/Decking Gripper - £19.99

      Usual Price: £24.99

      Our Universal Grass/Decking Gripper allows you to secure your ladder on grass or decking. Each pair of grippers has a non-slip surface and can be used on any width ladder.
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    Please note there are a small number of postcodes, usually in remote rural areas, to which we may not be able to deliver within the provided timescale.

Price & Product Dimensions

  • 7 Rung 3 Stair Combination Ladder
    Our Unbeatable Price : £124.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £184.99)
    Closed Height : 2.01m (6'7")
    Free Standing Height : 2.70m (8'10")
    Extended Height : 3.99m (13'1")
    Stabiliser Bar Width : 0.70m (2'4")
    Weight : 10.2kg
  • 8 Rung 3 Stair Combination Ladder
    Our Unbeatable Price : £134.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £229.99)
    Closed Height : 2.30m (7'7")
    Free Standing Height : 3.53m (11'7")
    Extended Height : 5.13m (16'10")
    Stabiliser Bar Width : 0.80m (2'7")
    Weight : 12.1kg
  • 9 Rung 3 Stair Combination Ladder
    Our Unbeatable Price : £144.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £249.99)
    Closed Height : 2.58m (8'6")
    Free Standing Height : 3.78m (12'5")
    Extended Height : 5.69m (18'8")
    Stabiliser Bar Width : 0.80m (2'7")
    Weight : 13.7kg
  • 10 Rung 3 Stair Combination Ladder
    Our Unbeatable Price : £154.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £269.99)
    Closed Height : 2.86m (9'5")
    Free Standing Height : 4.35m (14'3")
    Extended Height : 6.26m (20'6")
    Stabiliser Bar Width : 1.00m (3'3")
    Weight : 16.0kg
  • 11 Rung 3 Stair Combination Ladder
    Our Unbeatable Price : £174.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £294.99)
    Closed Height : 3.15m (10'4")
    Free Standing Height : 4.90m (16'0")
    Extended Height : 7.11m (23'4")
    Stabiliser Bar Width : 1.00m (3'3")
    Weight : 19.1kg

We check our competitors' prices daily to ensure you get the best deal. All prices include free delivery to the mainland UK - others hide delivery costs until the last moment. We Will Not Be Beaten On Price!

Our 3 Section Stair Combination Extension Ladder is fully certified to EN131 - passing very stringent & rigorous tests. Other ladders only comply or are inferior DIY (Class 3) ladders or do not include our innovative and vital integral stabiliser bars.

All of our friendly staff are trained to the highest standards and will be able to assist you with any query before you buy. We also have a celebrated after sales service for any help you may require after your purchase.