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Staging Boards

Staging Board Promotion

Staging Boards

If you are looking for more expansive workspace, staging boards are a highly cost-effective solution that can be used instead of a scaffold tower. Even though scaffold towers provide a stable working platform, you might need specific equipment or products to help you cover a larger surface area which is where staging boards come in handy. They are lightweight yet extremely durable boards that grant more access to a wider surface.

What are the benefits of staging boards and when should they be used?

Our staging boards are available in two widths 450mm and 600mm with lengths ranging from 2.5m to 5.95m. Support will be needed at both ends of the staging board, with a 300mm overlap over a trestle or scaffold tower. Staging boards come with their fair share of benefits for many commercial and industrial applications.

Flexible and cost-effective

In comparison to integrated scaffold decking systems, staging boards are considerably cheaper and more flexible. Also, the components are much less, and so require little to no assembly on your part. Whereas, scaffold towers, despite having great portability, are not as flexible as staging boards. Most importantly, these boards are complimentary equipment that you can add for better security and safety when you’re on a strict budget.

Complete handrail system for improved safety

Like most staging boards, our range does not come with built-in handrail systems. These must be bought separately but are useful if you expect to use these boards to compensate for heavy foot traffic. Handrail systems are more beneficial if your maintenance workers and employees are always moving from one location to another. With scaffolding systems, this can be difficult due to its limited space area.

Ideal if you need a larger work area

When you are working at height, it's not easy to move from one repair site to another. If you’re using a scaffold tower, having to climb down and re-position the tower can be time consuming and inconvenient. Staging boards resolve this inconvenience and make it easier for workers to travel from one site to another.

 No matter if it's painting, decorating, or any commercial or industrial work, staging boards provide the convenience of performing long runs rather than continuously moving up and down ladders to perform tasks. As well as being convenient, it is safer and more secure than solely relying on a ladder when working at height. Don’t miss out on our unbeatable staging board price and solve your working at height needs today.