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Space Saver Staircases

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If you are living in a smaller property, or are limited for space, the last thing you need is an overly large staircase that takes up the majority of your room. Our range of space saver staircases could be the perfect fit for you whether you are looking to maximise the space in your downstairs room and need access to your mezzanine floor, or you need a quick and efficient entrance to your loft conversion. Space saver staircases have become increasingly popular for the modern homeowner as they are convenient options for those who just need stairs as a means of access, instead of the wide treads, grand handrails, and long spindles of a traditional staircase. They are also excellent for those who are looking to use a staircase as an attractive feature in the home.

Style and safety

The BPS range of space saver staircases provide a range of other benefits as well as maximising space. They offer a minimalist look, meaning that they can add to the tone and feel you are trying to convey with your overall interior design. More and more people are opting for a minimalist or clean look for their property which is incorporated in the stair design. Space saver staircases are stripped back and perfectly fit with a simple interior, giving your home a modern and stylish feel whilst keeping things straightforward when it comes to furniture.

Safety and comfort when using them are also an important part of each space saver staircase we provide. Our range of impressive features guarantee you get value for your money when buying your staircase. Boasting an impressive 250kg weight rating you will never have to stress about carrying heavy items up and down the stairs. Additionally, our secure full-length handrail will help with ease and comfort when using the stairs.

Saving money as well as space

If you are on a tight budget, or would prefer to spend more on another part of your home, a BPS space saver staircase could save you a significant amount. Their lack of fuss and ease of installation can save you money, making them a realistic option for most households, particularly those who are looking for access to a mezzanine floor of loft space where a traditional staircase would not work as well.

Also, all of our staircases come with easy to follow, illustrated instructions and are delivered directly to your door all in one package, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of getting your new staircase fitted. You can do it yourself and start enjoying your new staircase straight away.

Many potential customers may think that space saving staircases might not meet building regulations. However, if carefully planned out you can implement a solution that is safe, strong, and stylish. Be sure to check whether you will need approval for your staircase before placing your order. Please contact our team today and if you have any questions about our space saving staircases, we are on hand to help you find the best staircase option for your home.