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Loft Ladders

The benefits of having a loft ladder

1) Convenience and functionality

There are a range of benefits to having a loft ladder, the most obvious being the simple convenience. You may have gotten used to grabbing your step ladder each time you want to go up into your loft, but this takes more time and effort than if you had a loft ladder in place. Loft ladders provide quick and easy access, as well as being straightforward to unfold and extend and then retract when you need to put them away. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about storing a loft ladder in your garage or shed and potentially battling the elements like you would with other types of ladder, leaving them less susceptible to wear and tear.

2) Increased safety

One of the most important advantages to loft ladders is their ease of use and increased stability. It is common for older loft access to include the opening of heavy hatch doors which makes getting into your loft a risky act in itself. Therefore, you will want a ladder that provides you with maximum safety as you do so. General purpose ladders can be useful for a lot of jobs around the house, but when it comes to maximising your security when accessing your loft, there is nothing better than using loft ladders specific for the purpose and context they were designed for. Each of our three types of ladders come with their own individual benefits for you to consider which style and material of loft ladder will work best for you.

3) Saving time for tradespeople

If you have any utilities in the loft such as your boiler, meter, or water tank, you might find that installing a loft ladder can save you time when a tradesperson has to access the utilities. As part of their own health and safety procedures, employees from gas and electric companies for example, can refuse to use ladders that they could determine are unsafe, leaving you with the dilemma of how to get them up into your loft space. Loft ladders resolve a lot of issues surrounding this and are designed for this purpose.

4) Making better use of your storage space

The convenience that loft ladders provide can help you maximise your loft space more effectively as it will be less difficult or awkward for you to access. As a result, a new range of possibilities is open to you in terms of storage. This means you can store items such as your Christmas decorations out of the way for the year without having to worry about how you will get them down again.