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Loft Ladders

Loft Ladders: Take Better Advantage of that Underused Space

Many homeowners are always in need of additional storage space. Most of these homeowners probably are limited by what they can store due to poor access to their loft space.
Loft Ladders which are old, rickety and loose can prevent many of us from using this space to its full potential.
• It is worth considering upgrading your loft ladder to fully make use of your loft space.
• A better loft ladder can open up further storage opportunities within your loft space.
• We stock 3 distinct types of loft ladder; The Aluminium Slider Model, The Concertina Model and The Timber Model.

Loft Ladders

Loft Ladders: The Aluminium Slider Model

Our durable aluminium slider loft ladder is available in 2 or 3 sections. When shopping for a loft ladder, it's important to choose one that has 1 handrail. Our 3-section model has 1 handrail for extra safety and stability when using the ladder. These loft ladders are essential parts of our range and offer an affordable solution of excellent quality. We'd like to point out that our aluminium models are fitted with twin locking catches that lock securely on one side of the ladder. Our aluminium slider comes in 2 sizes to accommodate most applications. We also provide a handrail at no additional charge.

Loft Ladders: More About Aluminium Sliders

This ladder will support a maximum load of either 100kg or 150kg, depending on the model. Do be aware that some ladders do not have twin locking catches like those found on our products. Such products are prone to twisting or breakage. Our 3 section ladder fully conforms to the latest EN14975 standard, having passed a rigorous set of tests designed to prove its safety. Our aluminium slider loft ladders are fitted with non slip, extra wide treads. It also has a superior pivot arm that ensures smooth and easy operation. The ladder also has non slip rubber safety feet that help prevent slipping and marring of floors. The ladder comes complete with full instructions, an extra long aluminium operating pole and a fixing kit that contains all necessary hardware.

Loft Ladders: The Concertina Model

This type of ladder is ideal for situations where the loft opening or floor space is restricted. It's also a good choice where interior loft space is limited because it folds compactly into a cube shape. Besides being appropriate for most applications, its unique design makes this the easiest model to fit. The ladder is supplied fully assembled with the components needed to convert lift-up type loft hatches to the swing-down type. It has a solid feel, thanks to stainless steel carriage bolts and strong dual springs that assist raising and lowering. Why not allow our staff to assist you in choosing the one that's right for you? All it takes is a telephone call to 08712 000 369 or an email to

Loft Ladders: The Timber Model

Timber loft ladders are popular for applications where the ladder will be in view. Our timber model has an easy to clean finish that's both tough and attractive. It's designed to match virtually any decor. Our timber loft ladders are made from durable larch wood, whilst our competitors use softer spruce or pine. Larch gives the ladder a solid and stable feel. It's important to know that spruce and pine are less able to help a ladder retain its shape and prevent twisting, making larch a better choice. This ladder features comfortably wide 80mm treads that make it much safer and easier to climb. It also is supplied with an insulated hatch, architrave and an integrated frame that makes for easy fitting. The ladder is specially designed to fit between joists with standard spacing that are found in most homes.

Whether you prefer aluminium or timber loft ladders, our expert staff are ready to see you through the entire process of acquiring and fitting them. Why not contact us today?