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Loft Ladders

Loft Ladders are an economical, space-saving solution to your storage needs, giving you reliable access to a vastly underused but highly useful area of your house - the loft. They come in a variety of different materials and functions, from a standard folding ladder to a ladder built with a structure of a concertina.

If safety is your concern, BPS Access Solutions builds each of its loft ladders to exceed safety standards set by EN14975 safety standards. Our ladders come complete with non-slip treads and rubber feet, with a multitude of optional accessories to maximize stability and accessibility. 

All of our ladders have a high weight rating, meaning they can carry many heavy loads with little issue, and each is supplied with installation instructions, making it entirely possible for this to be a DIY job. Nonetheless, BPS products come complete with a no-question lifetime guarantee, free next-day delivery, and the highest quality customer service lines you could ask for.

Can I install a Loft Ladder myself?

The problem with installing loft ladders is that it's situated on the ceiling. The verticality of the loft hatch means it's not going to be easily installed, even though we at BPS will supply you with the materials to do so. There will be instructions on installation to follow, but if your hatch and the frame the loft ladder comes in is incompatible, then you will need to adjust the dimensions of the space in your loft’s floor.

Measure the dimensions of your hatch, and your room height, to find the loft ladder suitable for your house. You will find that attic ladders are not necessarily an easy installation job, but doable DIY. 

The benefits of having a loft ladder

  • Convenience and functionality. Having a method of access ready that you can just pull down from the ceiling is an ideal solution to the annoyance of having to fetch your stepladder every time you want to go up. In addition, there are plenty of loft ladder accessories available to enhance your experience if the default features are not enough.
  • Increased safety. Loft Ladders are secured to the attic space and offer great balance. Whether lightweight or on the heavier side, attic ladders have a high enough weight rating that you should never feel unsafe.
  • Tradespeople. A loft or attic space usually has a boiler, meter or water tank that tradespeople will need entry to perform their jobs.
  • Efficient loft usage. As you’ll be able to access your attic easier with, as well as the moving of heavier objects. This allows you to make use of your attic as a storage area.

Are Loft Ladders Safe?

The number one cause of all ladder accidents is human error, and the failure to use ladders properly. 

When it comes to safely using loft ladders, the number one rule is maintaining three points of contact. Don't forget this important law or you could risk violating UK safety regulations! 

You can buy a wood-made timber ladder without worrying about weather conditions affecting its strength and quality; plus if you want extra peace of mind there are accessories such as handrails that provide an added layer of security for your climb up into lofts and other high spaces.

How do loft ladders work?

All loft ladders start with a loft opening in the ceiling, in the opening is a frame, to which both your ladder and the hatch are attached. The methods for opening the hatch and extending your ladder depend entirely on what type of loft ladder you have. For example, a folding loft ladder required unfolding using the loft tool, whereas a concertina ladder simply required pulling, as it’s built like an accordion. You could also get an electric loft ladder and hatch that will do all of this with the press of a button. 

So, the way loft ladders work depends on which type you get installed, but all will give you better access to your loft. 

What is the best loft ladder?

The best isn't necessarily the most popular, but the one that does what you need it to do. Do you need access to your attic to make use of its vast space? Or do you need a ladder with a high-weight rating? Do you need constant access to your loft and want a convenient method of entry? The right ladder for you depends entirely on your need to operate in your loft space.

Luckily for you, BPS Access Solutions sell loft ladders for every possible need. 

Can you get loft ladders with a hatch?

Lofts can be made much more accessible and convenient with the inclusion of a hatch. Loft ladders typically come as part of a package, featuring an accompanying wooden hatch that must match certain dimensions to fit correctly into your floor opening - it pays to measure ahead!

Do Loft Ladders come with handrails?

When it comes to loft ladders, safety should be your top priority! Many people opt for installing a handrail when one isn't provided with a ladder to ensure an extra layer of security. 

Though they may require more space than usual in your home's loft area, having peace of mind that any potential risks have been eliminated makes them well worth considering.

How wide are loft ladders?

Loft ladders come in many different sizes. As the majority of loft ladders are extendable and can be adjusted with the addition of extra sections, length is not much of a concern. However, there are a few different widths that can be chosen depending on the type of loft hatch ladder chosen or the specific requirements of the loft in question. The wider the loft ladder, the easier it is to climb. However, this comes with the disadvantage of being heavier and also taking up more space.

How do you pull loft ladders down?

Again, the mechanism for pulling a loft hatch ladder down into a usable position varies from model to model. Because pull-down loft ladders are attached to the top of the loft hatch, the majority of the ladder’s components are hidden away from view. Usually, the loft hatch is pulled down with some form of attachment, such as a hooked pole, which allows users to reach upwards. When the loft hatch has been pulled down, the ladder mechanism extends with little effort.

Where to buy loft ladders

There is a wide variety of different vendors selling loft ladders, from mainstream stores that sell all sorts of indoor and outdoor equipment, to more specialist vendors. When it comes to industry knowledge and choice of products, we’re at the leading edge of the industry here at BPS Access Solutions. The range of products on our webshop is available for delivery across the UK. We also offer professional installation services, as well a celebrated after-sales service to help all of our customers get the most out of their products for years to come.

How much are loft ladders?

Most loft ladders are at least £200, but prices vary depending on the type of ladder in question. Generally, sliding loft ladders are the cheapest due to their simple structure and design. The fewer sliding sections, the cheaper the sliding loft ladder, meaning a simple 2-section loft ladder can be bought for around £150. A wooden loft ladder will usually be more expensive than an aluminium loft ladder because they are harder to manufacture. Meanwhile, concertina ladders are the most expensive type of loft ladder because of their complex extension mechanism. It’s important to remember that the cheapest loft ladders won’t necessarily be the best suited to your requirements. The installation cost should also be a consideration when working out the total budget for the project.