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Tripod Ladders

Tripods 20% Off Sale

What is a tripod ladder?

When it comes to large scale gardening jobs like hedge trimming, tree pruning, and fruit picking, a traditional A-frame ladder isn’t the best option. Tripod ladders are specifically designed for garden work like this and offer a much safer alternative to a standard ladder. As the name suggests a tripod ladder has three legs instead of four. It's designed this way to allow the ladder to create a wider splayed base and ensures all feet remain in firm contact with the ground, even when you’re working on uneven surfaces like slopes, ditches, or steps. Having this extra level of stability is important as a lot of gardens aren’t completely flat.

What are the benefits of tripod ladders?

As with many ladders on the market our range of tripod ladders are constructed from industrial grade aluminium. These means they are incredibly strong and stable when being used as well as lightweight to carry and move around when you want to get into a suitable position and store when finished. This is particularly useful for tripod ladders because anyone of any age will be able to use it with ease without risk of an injury.

Also, our tripod gardening ladder can be used with a non-slip rubber foot to replace the ground spike meaning it's suitable to be used on hard surfaces as well as grass. The unique design of the rear leg allows you to set the ladder up right next to where you are working so you don’t have to overreach and compromise your balance.

Tripod ladder use do’s and don’ts


  • Always use a tripod ladder with the leg chain fully extended so the front and back legs are at the correct distance and the legs are at equal angles of 75 degrees. This will help you maximise stability so you can climb the ladder safely.
  • The chain should be fixed before use and only be fixed on the last link.
  • Work with both feet on the ladder to reduce the risk of losing your balance and having a fall.
  • Always walk down the ladder facing the ladder and holding onto the side rail securely. Tripod ladders should be used in the same way as you would any other type of ladder.
  • Check for any overhead hazards or wires before use, this is particularly relevant and important for garden work where there could be dangerous hazards around.
  • Make sure there is no one underneath the ladder whilst you are working.
  • Always take care not to bend or dent the ladder during transportation or storage as it could affect the quality of the ladder in stability and security when in use.
  • Inspect your ladder carefully before each time you use it. Even though aluminium is incredibly strong, heavy scratching or dents could lead to failure.


  • Do not exceed the weight limit instructed on the tripod ladder as you increase the risk of damage to the ladder and an injury for yourself.
  • Never allow more than one person on the ladder at a time as it is extremely dangerous.
  • Don’t shorten the back leg to get closer to your work, the ladder rungs must always stay level for safety and balance.
  • Never put bricks or blocks under the ladder for any reason and avoid any ground that is too soft to maintain complete stability in the ladder.
  • Don’t lean outside of the stiles, you should reposition your ladder, so you are in the correct working position.
  • On ladders up to and including 1.8m you should never stand higher than 3 steps from the top. With ladders over 1.8m you shouldn’t stand higher than 4 steps from the top as you lose control over your balance and could have a serious accident.
  • Do not use damaged goods, if you spot an issue with the ladder wait until it can be repaired or replaced before carrying out your work.
  • Don’t attempt to modify the tripod ladder yourself, only use replacement parts supplied by your ladder manufacturer or supplier.

Why should you choose a tripod ladder over a normal ladder?

When considering whether to get a tripod ladder or a normal A-frame ladder you need to consider what makes a tripod ladder the right choice for you and why you potentially should choose a tripod ladder instead of a standard ladder. To decide whether you should be buying a tripod ladder or a different type of ladder you need to think about what your main needs are for your ladder.

If you are someone who often uses a ladder for garden work and have been using an A-frame ladder previously you will definitely feel the benefit of investing in a tripod ladder. The safety features on tripod ladders are specifically there for extensive garden use and you could be putting yourself at greater risk of an injury by not having a tripod ladder for your outdoor gardening and horticultural work.

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