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BPS Telescopic Ladder

BPS Telescopic Ladder
BPS Telescopic Ladder - view 1BPS Telescopic Ladder - view 2BPS Telescopic Ladder - view 3BPS Telescopic Ladder - view 4BPS Telescopic Ladder - view 5BPS Telescopic Ladder - view 6BPS Telescopic Ladder - view 7BPS Telescopic Ladder - view 8
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Select Your Optional Discounted Ladder Essentials Below:
  • Step Platform £34.99£24.99
  • 2 x Step Platforms £54.99£44.98
  • Levelling Mat £34.99£24.99
  • Grass/Decking Gripper £29.99£19.99
  • Product Description
    We are proud to introduce our Brand New, innovatively designed, BPS Telescopic ladder. Fully tested and certified to the very latest EN131-6 standard (unlike many others), you can be rest assured that this ladder is a cut above the rest. Features including its soft close mechanism, along with its handy, rubber stand off bungs at the top of the ladder, make this ladder the best value model on the market. Available in 3 different sizes, we have a Telescopic Ladder to suit all our customers needs.
    • Inclusive free next day delivery on top of an unbeatable price beware of hidden delivery charges or slow 2,3,4 or even 5 day delivery times!

    • Fully certified to the latest, up to date, EN131-6 standard (EN131-6:2019) for your reassurance many inferior models have outdated certification, or none at all

    • Tested by the lead testing agency TUV, for your peace of mind

    • Revolutionary soft close technology uses an air compression system to ensure all rungs slowly retract no more catching your fingers between rungs when closing

    • Very strong 150kg (23.5 stone) weight rating

    • Rubber Stand Off bungs at the top of the ladder, push the ladder away from the wall slightly and provide extra grip

    • Non-slip, rubber feet at the base (stabiliser bar on 3.2m/3.8m model) provide unparalleled grip with any floor surface

    • 3.2 and 3.8m model provided with a stabiliser bar at the base for maximum stability

    • Extremely versatile - can be part extended for those times where you do not require the full height

    • Super compact design means they are easy to transport and store

    • Anodised aluminium finish means ladder is clean to touch and not oily

    • Ideal for use at work or home and suitable for indoor or outdoor work


  • Key Benefits
    1. Huge 150kg weight rating, for superior strength
    2. Fully certified to the latest EN131-6 standard for maximum safety most others are not
    3. Innovative, soft close technology ensures rungs slowly retract a vital safety feature
    4. Rubber Stand Off bungs at the top provide extra grip with the wall when climbing
    5. Can be part extended if full height is not required, providing fantastic versatility
    6. Super compact, making it easy to transport and store
  • Essential Extras


    • Step Platform - £24.99

      Usual Price: £34.99

      Our Step Platform is simple to use and with its non-slip generously sized platform it provides you with a comfortable and safe solution when working off a ladder.
    • 2 x Step Platform - £44.98

      Usual Price: £54.99

      Why not upgrade to 2 x Step Platforms? One will provide you with a non-slip generously sized platform and the other can be used as a handy tool tray.
    • Levelling Mat - £24.99

      Usual Price: £34.99

      Our Universal Levelling Mat provides the perfect solution to uneven or sloping ground. They are supplied as four non-slip heavy duty rubber mats, providing up to 6.5cm of adjustment.
    • Universal Grass/Decking Gripper - £19.99

      Usual Price: £29.99

      Our Universal Grass/Decking Gripper allows you to secure your ladder on grass or decking. Each pair of grippers has a non-slip surface and can be used on any width ladder.
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    Please note there are a small number of postcodes, usually in remote rural areas, to which we may not be able to deliver within the provided timescale.

Price & Product Dimensions

  • 2.9m Telescopic Ladder
    Our Unbeatable Price : £119.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £169.99)
    Fully Extended Height : 2.9m (9' 6")
    Closed Height : 74cm (2' 5")
    Width : 48cm
    Number of Rungs : 10
    Weight : 9.5kg
  • 3.2m Telescopic Ladder
    Our Unbeatable Price : £144.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £194.99)
    Fully Extended Height : 3.2m (10' 6")
    Closed Height : 81cm (2' 8")
    Width : 88cm
    Number of Rungs : 11
    Weight : 10.5kg
  • 3.8m Telescopic Ladder
    Our Unbeatable Price : £164.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery (RRP £224.99)
    Fully Extended Height : 3.8m (12' 6")
    Closed Height : 91cm (3')
    Width : 88cm
    Number of Rungs : 13
    Weight : 12.5kg

How does a telescopic ladder work?

As the name suggests the telescopic ladder works like a regular telescope, with each rank of the ladder sliding down to pile on the following rung and pretty much collapse on itself to create space. This makes it a smaller sized and more portable ladder that you can easily manoeuvre and carry. Unlike the traditional ladder, you can store the telescopic ladder anywhere without having to worry about space limitations.

For the telescopic ladder to work each step locks into place when extended, meaning the ladder doesn’t have to be completely extended to the full height before you can use it. You can part extend the ladder to the height you need unlike a sometimes awkward to use long, standard ladder. It’s important to make sure the section securely clicks into place and as always, you should inspect the ladder before each use. 

Why choose our telescopic ladders?

You could be forgiven for thinking that one telescopic ladder is pretty much the same as another, but that couldn’t be much further from the truth. There are a lot of cheap models on the market which are very basic and more often than not, uncertified. Our model is tested to the latest EN131-6:2019 standard, ensuring it meets the highest of safety standards.

Our telescopic ladders are superior to the other models offered elsewhere. They have been thoroughly tested by the lead testing agency TUV to give you the quality assurance you need.

With a weight rating of 150kg (23.5 stone) they are very strong and possess a number of additional safety features, including revolutionary air compression soft close technology to avoid trapping your fingers, rubber bungs at the top of the ladder to push it away from the wall slightly and provide extra grip, plus non-slip, rubber feet at the base to provide excellent grip with surfaces. Our 3.2 and 3.8m model telescoping ladders come with a stabiliser bar at the base for enhanced stability.

The compact design of our anodised aluminium finished telescopic ladders makes them easy to transport and store. They are suitable for use at home or in the workplace and can be used both indoor or outdoor. With a free no quibble guarantee you can be sure of a quality best value product that will serve you well for many years.

How do you use a telescopic ladder?

Knowing how to use any type of ladder beforehand is essential for safe use. When setting up your telescopic ladder, you should follow these steps:

  • Release the strap to secure the retracted ladder
  • Place the ladder in an upright position ready for use
  • Step on the bottom rung and hold the ladder firmly in place
  • Take out the top rung’s connector using both your hands
  • Pull up each rung to its full extension and ensure that the locking mechanism is engaged before attempting to extend the next rung
  • Repeat for several steps until you reach the desired height
  • Avoid stepping on the top rung

There are certain things you should avoid during the actual use of your telescopic ladder. Firstly, don’t try to adjust the rungs whilst you are using the ladder as this would tamper with the locking mechanism. Also, you should make sure that the ladder is resting on a smooth, clean floor and lastly, never attempt to increase the height by placing objects underneath the ladder. Adhering to these precautions when using the ladder will help to avoid any risks and help you get the most efficient use from your telescopic ladder.

Retracting the ladder

When you have finished using the ladder you will need to collapse it ready for storage. Our ladder meets the very latest standards and has soft close technology – which means you can’t get your fingers caught between the rungs.

This soft close tech on our ladders simplifies the process for retracting the ladder. With only two buttons at the bottom of the ladder to press, all the sections will come down automatically – another perk of using our telescopic ladders compared to most of the other ladders on the market.

Why choose a telescopic ladder for your loft?

Loft ladders are an essential access solution in any home, allowing safe and efficient access to your loft. Whilst all types of loft ladders provide benefits the telescopic loft ladder is an ideal choice in any home as it requires virtually no clearance or storage space. The main advantages to having a telescopic loft ladder are:

1) They are perfect for small, tight spaces - some lofts can be very confined and awkward to access so the last thing you need is your ladder taking up most of the space. Telescopic loft ladders are often praised for their space-saving properties as they hardly need any storage space and require minimal landing space.

2) They look good - unlike some ladders on the market which can look bulky and clunky telescopic ladders boast a minimalist design. If visual appeal is important to you then a telescopic loft ladder would be a great option.

3) Simple to use - whilst the majority of loft ladders need to be unfolded telescopic ladders can open straight out giving you better ease of use. This is an extremely beneficial feature if you are using your loft ladder on a regular basis.

4) Easy to install - most telescopic ladders are designed to be set up at home, meaning they are quick and easy to install even for someone with no previous experience. One installed they provide safe and reliable access to all loft spaces.

In what other ways can you use a telescopic ladder?

The versatile construction of telescopic ladders makes them well suited for a range of jobs, particularly those that may have traditionally been done using a rigid wooden ladder. For example, telescopic ladders can be handy for painting, roofing, or window cleaning. Their easy set up means jobs can be done much quicker and more efficiently and the aluminium material ensures they are not vulnerable to the problems that some wooden ladders can experience (such as rotting in damp conditions) making telescopic ladders safer too.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect ladder for home DIY or for trade, a telescopic ladder from BPS can suit any needs. Explore our range of telescopic ladders, available in 3 sizes - 2.9m, 3.2m and 3.8m - and make the most of our unbeatable deals today. 

We check our competitors' prices daily to ensure you get the best deal. All prices include free delivery to the mainland UK - others hide delivery costs until the last moment. We Will Not Be Beaten On Price!

Only Telescopic ladder on the market fully certified to EN131-6 a brand new standard solely for telescopic ladders. Others just conform or are tested to outdated EN131 standards.

All of our friendly staff are trained to the highest standards and will be able to assist you with any query before you buy. We also have a celebrated after sales service for any help you may require after your purchase.