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Ladder Accessories

Why are ladder accessories important?

We provide a wide range of ladder accessories that are designed to make working on your ladder safer and easier no matter what task you are carrying out. These accessories are ideal for adding extra security to avoid accidents and mishaps occurring as a result of unlevel ground.

Straight ladders can be more prone to accidents due to the fact they can be tipped over fairly easily, and you can lose traction while working with one. Bad weather and an uneven surface can make it more difficult to use your ladder safely. The effects of this can be reduced by our different options for ladder feet. They are ideal for outdoor use but can also be used inside to protect your floors from being marked by the ladder as well as increasing your safety whilst using them.

Another of our ladder attachments that is extremely useful and popular with customers is our levelling mat. If you want a completely steady and straight ladder on any type of surface, the levelling mat really fits the bill. Not only does this ladder accessory help to ensure stability on unlevelled grounds, but also takes away the need to maintain balance on an unfavourable surface that typically leads to accidents. The levelling mat works best in areas with unstable or soft ground.

A standoff/stay is also a commonly used attachment that many consumers find useful for their ladder needs. It can be fixed to the topmost part of the ladder in order to hold it away from the surface that it is leaning against. Standoffs are the perfect choice for work on a roof or gutters. With the assistance of a standoff, you can easily secure the ladder and clear any overhanging obstructions like the eaves of your roof.

You can also work on edges without risking your safety, and not need the help of anyone else while you are climbing up or down the ladder. Additionally, you won’t need to rely on the roof or gutter for support or worry that the ladder may slide off and lead you to fall. One of the most commonly used materials for producing standoffs and stays is a rubber pad. Amongst the popular types of standoffs, rubber suction feet are often the most efficient.

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