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Extension Ladders

Extension Ladders

Practical uses for extension ladders

1) Decorating

Even if you're not big on decorating, there will inevitably come the holiday seasons in which you'll be expected to put your home in a seasonal spirit. During these times, extension ladders are essential to reach heights putting up decorations inside your home. You may not necessarily need an extension ladder as in some homes, even a stepladder at open height is good enough, but our ladder range is particularly ideal for the outside, as our triple extension ladders can reach heights on the outside as well as the inside. Our range of extension ladders comes with an integrated stabiliser bar to ensure maximum grip during usage. Our auto-locking clamps can hold the ladder in place securely, and make it much safer and comfortable to use.

2) Access the Loft

Not everyone has a specific loft ladder to access their loft and it can be difficult to access your loft space without a safe ladder in place. With extending ladders, you'll always be able to access your loft comfortably and reliably. This is particularly useful if you're using your loft as a storage place, or if you have important utilities such as a boiler installed in place.

3) Cleaning Gutters

Blocked gutters are not a problem that occurs often, but when it does, having to wait to deal with it can have consequences and lead to additional expense. We've seen cases of gutters becoming affected with vermin or birds, resulting in the need for a pest controller to be called out to the property. Or, more often, workmen have had to be called out to put up new gutters when the old ones buckle under the additional strain they are put under.

When you have an extension ladder, you can extend to the right height (usually open height) and deal with the problem before it becomes a real problem. We have a good range available, with aluminium and fibreglass extension ladders for those who are DIY-minded.

4) Garden Tasks

An extension ladder is a common purchase for dealing with tree trimming and other garden tasks from ladder height. Not to mention, plenty of greenery outside could easily grow out of control and need to be trimmed, such as ivy.

You might think that it's next to impossible to use an extension ladder reliably outside, but you'd be wrong. With our rubber anti-slip treads, you can be assured that you'll be near accident-proof with our range of ladders.

5) Painting

Painting is a time-consuming activity that will require the right ladder in order to be done effectively and safely. A BPS extension ladder is not only safe, stable and secure - but it's entirely comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time. Ensure that you follow the three points of contact rule at all times, even if an extension ladder from us is amongst the safest ladders you can buy.

6) Roof Repairs

An extension ladder open height is the perfect tool for reaching your roof. Set at an angle, you can press it up against the wall and reach heights for next to any purpose, including DIY jobs on your own roof. It's always cheaper to maintain your own home than have to fix it later, and as such, it's best to get an extension ladder that you know is safe and up for the job. 

If it's electrical work you're doing, ensure that you get a fibreglass ladder. Fibreglass ladders are conductive to electricity, making you safe and protected from any mishaps on-scene. If you need to bring up heavy materials to help with roof repairs, then perhaps an aluminium ladder would be more to your liking.

7) Window Cleaning

Your windows can very easily start to look their worst if you do not look after them with regular cleaning. Ensure your windows look the part by using an extension ladder to reach heights and keep the windows sparkling. Every extension ladder from BPS has more than enough open height to ensure that this job is an easy one to do safely.

8) Light Fixtures

At the open height on an extension ladder, you are in a suitable position to put up and/or maintain light fixtures in and around your home. As always, consider a fibreglass ladder if you're at all concerned about electrical mishaps, as these have proven to be highly useful due to their anti-electricity traits.