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Extension Ladders

Extension Ladders: Essential Items for Trade or DIY

Here at BPS Access Solutions, we're dedicated to helping our customers find the right extension ladders for their needs at affordable prices.
• Affordable pricing doesn't mean we sacrifice on quality or safety.
• All our ladders carry the important EN131 Kitemark, which means the product has passed many rigorous tests to ensure it conforms to all relevant UK and European standards.
• These standards apply to all our customers, both consumers and trade/industrial users.

Extension Ladders

Extension Ladders: What are they?

Extension ladders are essential tools for those who need to reach significant heights, both indoors and outdoors. They're designed with plenty of height adjustability, which makes them versatile. An extension ladder consists of a traditional runged ladder and a sliding inner section, called an extension, that provides additional height. Once the user selects the desired height, the extension locks securely into place and the ladder is ready to use. An extension ladder is perfect for DIYers because it eliminates the need for multiple ladders of varying heights. Although this ladder comes in a variety of materials, we recommend choosing one made from aluminium.

Extension Ladders: The Benefits of Aluminium Models

Because aluminium is a lightweight metal, ladders made from it are exceptionally easy for a single person to move, transport and deploy. Aluminium does not rust or corrode the way other metals can and its surface requires no maintenance. Timber ladders, for example, need to be painted to keep them in top operating condition. Aluminium will not splinter the way wood does and is not brittle the way glass fibre is. When subjected to excessive stress, a glass fibre ladder may fail.

Extension Ladders: Features and Functions to Look for

Our expert staff recommend only aluminium ladders that are certified to the latest standards, and not the lighter, uncertified models that our competitors offer. Although uncertified ladders certainly are less expensive, is it worth risking injury or worse for a few pounds? When you buy a ladder from BPS Access Solutions, you can be assured of receiving the utmost in low price combined with a high level of customer service. We deliver our ladders free of charge and offer a lifetime guarantee. Our triple extension ladders and double extension ladders include a free stabiliser bar (when applicable) and such bars are extra-large and overlap to ensure maximum safety. Our stabiliser bars are over 1m long. Another feature we include at no charge is rubber feet for a superior grip. Compare these to plastic feet that tend to crack and slip.

Extension Ladders: More about BPS Products

Many of our competitors fail to disclose full safety information to their customers. Many other ladders are only compliant with the inferior DIY (Class 3) classification, where as our telescopic ladder is the only ladder on the market that is certified to EN131-6 classification and our multi purpose ladders are fully certified to EN131 part 1 & 2. BPS wants you to know that our ladders are fitted with auto locking clips for ease of use and superior safety. Although light in weight, these ladders are built to carry weights up to 150kg. The rungs on our ladders feature an anti-slip design and have an ergonomic oblong shape to maximise comfort and safety. The rungs are set 265mm apart, which means the ladder is exceptionally easy to climb and descend.

Extension Ladders: Final Considerations

An extension ladder is perfect for reaching second storey windows for cleaning or repair, trimming overgrown tree branches, cleaning gutters and painting. For those on a budget, an extension ladder is a good choice because it eliminates the need for multiple ladders. When you're choosing an extension ladder, be sure to select the correct length. The ladder needs to be longer, not equal to, the highest point you need to access. It's important to note that the given length of this type of ladder isn't the actual extended length. For example, a 24 foot ladder typically consists of 2 12 foot sections. The sections, however, overlap for safety when the ladder is extended, so its maximum height is less than 24 feet. Finally, when using a ladder, never stand on the topmost or second from the top rung.

At BPS Access Solutions, we're ready to help our customers choose high quality, well-designed and affordable extension ladders that are exactly right for your particular needs. Why take a chance with an inferior product? Contact us today on 0333 000 9776 or visit our website at Feel free to email us as at or