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Extension Ladders

Practical uses for extension ladders

1) Putting up and taking down decorations

Many people put up and take down decorations especially around holiday seasons like Christmas and Halloween and an extension ladder is essential to safely making your house ready for the occasion. Putting up lights and decorations, particularly outdoors, can be awkward and risky if you don’t have the appropriate ladder. Our range of extension ladders each come with an integrated stabiliser bar to ensure maximum grip for the climber as well as auto locking clamps to hold the ladder in place securely making it safer and more comfortable to use when setting up your decorations.

2) Accessing your loft

Not everyone has a specific loft ladder to access their loft and it can be difficult to get into it without a safe ladder in place. With an extension ladder you can set it up to the right height you need to access your loft and feel confident in ascending it safely and comfortably. If you have utilities such as a boiler in your loft regular access to your loft will be particularly important, but with an extension ladder to hand, climbing up to your loft will be fast and efficient as well as safe.

3) Cleaning your gutters

Even though the problem of blocked gutters does not occur too often when it does it can be a frustrating expense. A clogged gutter can sometimes attract birds or vermin which could then involve a pest controller needing to be called. Also, the extra weight and strain being put on the gutters can cause them to sag and ultimately need to be replaced. When you have an extension ladder you can quickly keep on top of this and maintain the cleanliness of your gutters to avoid any unnecessary additional costs.

4) Garden tasks and trimming house ivy

Ivy can be a visually appealing addition to the outside of your home, but if left to grow unchecked, it can become unruly and start to look overgrown and messy, and even start to cause structural damage. Also, there are other types of creeping plants that can grow on the side of homes that might need cutting down. An extension ladder is an essential tool in helping you to prune an overgrown ivy or other plant that is on the outside of your home. The non-slip ribbed rungs that are extra wide are a particularly useful feature on our extension ladder products and ensure you have the most grip on the ladder. This is especially important for an activity like trimming or removing such plants where stray foliage could fall on the ladder whilst you are working.

5) Painting and decorating

Painting and decorating your home can be a time-consuming process so the last thing you need is to be on an uncomfortable and unstable ladder whilst working. Not only could this make you feel less secure and safe but it can also affect the quality of your decorating and add to your frustration, perhaps forcing you to go over the same area more than once. An extension ladder from BPS is the perfect DIY tool, so no matter what you need to do around the house, your ladder will suit your multi-purpose needs and often reduce the need for more than one ladder.