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Fibreglass Ladders

Why choose our range of fibreglass ladders?

Our Superior Fibreglass Swingback Step ladders are designed to withstand heavy use and are non-conductive up to 30,000 volts, making them ideal for electrical work and other tasks. They are of unparalleled quality featuring a FREE unique tool tray, extra wide and deep treads and strong steel locking arms making this the ladder of choice when only the very best will do. Stability and safety are a key feature of our step ladder range and the Superior fibreglass Swing back is no different, with braces fitted underneath the top and bottom treads for rock solid support. Combining safety, quality, service, and price are the best in the businesses is a top priority for the needs of our customers.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of fibreglass ladders?

  • Fibreglass tends to be stronger than other materials
  • They are weather resistant and don’t absorb any moisture
  • They don’t conduct electricity, don’t weaken in heat and are flame resistant so are useful to electricians or other potentially dangerous trades
  • They are unlikely to bend and can withstand heavy usage in trade
  • The fibreglass sections that go into creating a fibreglass ladder are uniform and don’t vary in size, strength, or design

How will I know which fibreglass ladder is right for my purposes?

Explore our range of fibreglass ladders to see which one will suit your needs best. Each one will have a description of its features so you can understand the differences between them.

Are fibreglass ladders better than aluminium?

It’s not so much a question of which type of ladder is better because it depends on what you will need to use it for. Fibreglass tends to be stronger than aluminium and is more suited to trade work due to being more weather and electricity resistant. There are advantages to both types of ladder but for the workplace fibreglass tends to be the more popular choice. However, if you need a lighter weight, more affordable ladder then aluminium is still a very good choice.

Do I need to check a fibreglass ladder regularly?

As is the case with all ladders, it is good practice to check your equipment before every use for any damage. Whilst fibreglass ladders can be stronger and more durable, they are not exempt from this important check.

How can I check a fibreglass ladder?

Smaller cracks on fibreglass ladders are not easy to spot by a quick visual inspection. Therefore, you should run your fingertips across the fibreglass to feel for any small cracks or splits. Also, you should:

  • Check for loose or missing rivets
  • Inspect the feet of the ladder as well as their support channels for any cracks
  • Check around the rungs of the ladder
  • Inspect the side rails for breakdown of fibreglass, specifically in the corners

Can I leave a fibreglass ladder outside?

Due to their extra weight fibreglass ladders can be difficult to carry around so it can be tempting to leave them outside for a period of time. However, it’s important that you don’t do this and ensure you store your fibreglass ladder indoors. This is because when exposed to direct sunlight for too long fibreglass materials can break down. Therefore, the quality of the ladder will deteriorate, and ladder safety will be compromised. No matter how good or expensive your ladder may have been, if not stored correctly, it will break down when in prolonged UV light.

How can fibreglass ladders benefit specialist trades?

Fibreglass is non-marking, warmer to the touch, and retains its smooth surface which makes it ideal for trades like painting and decorating. Its durability and low maintenance mean it is a great choice for a range of industries.