Why buying your ladders online now makes more sense than ever

Why buying your ladders online now makes more sense than ever

Retail has undergone a transition towards online shops over the past 15 years or so and you can now buy more online than ever before. At first it was mainly smaller, less common items like books. But over the years, more and more retailers have moved their operations online, from fashion to movies and even groceries. Nowadays you can even order essential equipment like ladders from the comfort of your own home and take delivery of your order at your own front door just a couple of days later.

Given the tough situation we are all currently enduring with the COVID-19 pandemic, buying products online has never made more sense. Alongside groceries and essential supplies, the same also applies to ladders, height access equipment and other tools. People are now largely confined to their homes and most shops are not allowed to open, but we’ll explain a bit more about how you can still buy ladders online. You might not have considered it but now is a good time to buy any new ladders you may have had your eyes on.

Buying ladders online

BPS Access Solutions has been selling a wide selection of ladders online for many years now. The trade has moved on a long way from shop-only sales and our ladders can now be ordered online, ready for fast, free delivery across the country. Although all deliveries are currently slower than usual because of COVID-19, we are still able to deliver with a lead time of five days. If you do order from us, we will inform you when your package leaves our warehouse so that you can plan accordingly.

A good time to buy

Apart from the obvious difficulties we’re all experiencing, now is a good time to buy a new ladder if you need one. Certain manual labour industries have been spared the worst effects of the shutdown because they are deemed essential. As a result, there is still a need for new ladders for professional users. Most ladder retailers have had to close their physical stores due to quarantine and lockdown measures. But, as long as you still know what you’re looking for, or at least what you need your new ladder to do, we can help. Our expert team is still available to advise you on your next purchase, or to simply offer advice about which kind of ladder you may need. Get in touch today, either by phone or email, to find out more.

Popular ladder types

While some professional users are still working as normal, the proportion of purchases being made by home users is actually up as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. It might seem like a strange time for home users to be buying new ladders, but lockdown has resulted in an increase in the number of homeowners carrying out DIY projects in and around the house.

Because of this uptick in DIY by people across the UK, many are finding that they either do not have the right ladder for the projects they want to complete, or that their old ladders are in need of an upgrade. The two most popular ladder types, especially in the home, are the standard extension ladder and the standard step ladder. These two ladder types are the great all-rounders of the ladder world, and they’re perfect for the majority tasks anyone would ever need to carry out around the home. If you’re a homeowner on the lookout for a new ladder, we’ll explain a little more about extension and step ladders below.

Extension ladders

Extension ladders are an important evolution of the standard two-legged ladder. They feature two separate frame sections, each with their own set of rungs. These two sections slide past each other and lock in place to provide additional height for the user. This feature means that extension ladders can retract and be stored in a smaller space, making them a popular choice for both home users and professional users who move around between jobs.

Step ladders

Unlike extension ladders, step ladders have four legs which mean they can stand on their own without support from another structure. Step ladders are generally the most common type of ladder in home and indoor applications because they provide the small amount of additional height required to reach up walls or change lightbulbs, for example. Step ladders with extendable frames are also available, but generally these are used on worksites where more height is required to carry out tasks.

Regardless of whether or not you are a tradesperson or a home user, our entire range of ladders and height access equipment is available to purchase as normal. Although delivery will be a bit slower than usual, you can still depend on our high-quality products and our renowned customer support team if you have any questions.

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