DIY Scaffold Tower – A perfect compliment to your home tool kit

Continuing on with our theme for the must have DIY essentials that every home should have, today we bring you the amazing benefits of owning your own DIY Scaffold Tower.

Often when scaffold towers are mentioned, people assume that they’re the preserve of industry professionals. In actual fact, scaffold towers are often a safer option than working on a ladder and in recent years, we have seen a growing uptake of scaffold towers amongst the DIY fraternity. Once the benefits of a scaffold tower have been sold, you will find yourself hooked….

Looking for a flexible solution?

The great thing about scaffold towers are their versatility. If you are looking for a complete solution which you can use in your home and outside your home then a scaffold tower is a good option. A scaffold tower is the ultimate access solution as it gives you the space needed to move around without the fear of slipping or falling. It is the safest option available when working at height, especially for longer periods of time and when carrying out work when working on a ladder would not be practical, such as when pruning bushes or decorating indoors.

Of course before purchase, it is important that the scaffold tower you have in mind is both safe and suitable for your needs. Here at BPS Access Solutions, we put a lot of thought into our products we sell for home use. Our products therefore have your safety and security at the forefront of what we offer. Our DIY scaffold towers offer no less than this.


  • Our DIY Scaffold tower is supplied with colour coded braces making this tower very easy to erect. This is an important feature not found on other scaffold towers. We also supply safety stabiliser bars and trapdoor platforms as free upgrades on purchasing our DIY Scaffold tower, making this the safest DIY scaffold tower of its class available.

Why this tower is perfect for using at home

Our DIY scaffold towers are growing a name for themselves as being a compliment to any home tool kit. Available in 4 sizes, you will find one to suit your needs whether you are undertaking a variety of jobs around the house or have specific tasks in mind such as decorating your stairwell, cleaning and/or painting your windows or pruning trees.

There are also lots more unique features built into this tower that are not found on other comparable models. Remember, in many outlets, the DIY standard often means a minimum somewhat inferior quality to the product. At BPS Access Solutions, we offer a superior standard on all our products that is over and above the offering found in other outlets – we know this because we have compared the market.

The Safety Features Explained


  • Extra strong welded frames with an easy grip, non slip ‘ribbed’ profile
  • End height adjustment for stair use, over steps etc.
  • stabiliser bars fitted for extra stability
  • Fully welded frame structure normally only seen on more expensive industrial towers for supreme strength and therefore safety. Most DIY scaffold towers have horizontal bars that pass through holes in the uprights and are ‘crimped’ on the outside. These are not as strong or durable as our tower.
  • What you see is what you get with our tower. There is no need to pay extra for platforms, wheels etc. with inferior steel alternatives. Some have unsafe/unfixed scaffold boards to stand on. Everything you need is included.
  • The tower is climbed internally through a trapdoor which is then lowered and forms part of the platform
  • Our 6m and 7m scaffold towers come fully loaded with with an additional platform, further braces and handrails and 4 large telescopic outriggers.

What size scaffold tower do I need?

As a general guide our 6m and 7m DIY scaffold towers are ideal for decorating the outside of most 2 storey homes. We always recommend that you measure accurately before purchasing if you have a specific job in mind.

Platforms on all sizes of our DIY scaffold tower can be set at a variety of increments ensuring a comfortable working height for all manner of jobs.

What about storage?

Although a scaffold tower can appear very bulky, they need very little room when it comes to storage. The 4m and 5m scaffold towers fold down to just 2m in height with the 6m and 7m scaffold towers folding down to just 2.2m in height. All sizes of scaffold tower need just 68cm of width.

There is no need to be concerned about the material deteriorating if in storage for a long time. The platform is made from marine plywood so it will not deteriorate like others and has a non-slip surface. The tower itself it made from aluminium so it will not rust like its galvanised steel alternatives.

The other advantage is the light weight of the scaffold tower thus making it easy to move around and transport if necessary.

Why our customers buy this tower

We understand the complex thought processes required to ensure the correct equipment for your home project is purchased. So why do other people buy a DIY Scaffold tower from us?

Firstly is is the towers extreme versatility – it can be used in a variety of locations and in a variety of positions including part erected.

It’s also the service that BPS Access Solutions has become acclaimed for. We offer free next delivery on all products as well as a lifetime guarantee on all ladders and scaffold towers.

The scaffold tower also comes from an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer so you know the tower has come from a factory you can trust.

Having a scaffold tower of your own can save expensive hire costs if you need to clean out your gutters or fascias. Using it just a couple of times can recoup hire fees and you can still use your scaffold tower to safely carry out other jobs in and around your home.

So if you are looking for a versatile toolbox essential, look no further!

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Why our Slider Loft Ladder is Superior to any other

When thinking about the purchase of a loft ladder it can be very confusing time trying to figure out what type of loft ladder will be most suitable for your needs.

Unfortunately there are many people who simply abandon the idea of a loft ladder altogether and so waste a lot of space in their home which could be used for essential storage or even another room such as a bedroom or study. Other house holders put themselves in a dangerous situation by using an incorrect ladder or chair in order to access their loft when needed.

In light of this, here at BPS Access Solutions we are going to explain why we feel our slider loft ladder is an ideal purchase for your loft access requirements. Firstly a sliding loft ladder is very simple and easy to operate. As the name suggests, it simply slides down safely when ready to use. A sliding loft ladder is very sturdy in nature and doesn’t feel rickety when climbing up it – in fact it feels like a normal household ladder that you would use to access your roof outside. The feet are also very sturdy and grip the floor remarkably well so you will not feel worried that the ladder will slip whilst accessing your loft. The ladder itself fits neatly occupying the minimum of space in your loft and simply opening your loft door in a simple swing down movement ensures you can access your ladder with the minimum of effort.

My loft door doesn’t swing down

Don’t worry this is not a problem at all. If you have a traditional loft door that you push upwards to open then you’ll be pleased to know that we supply loft hatch conversion hardware at no extra charge which will allow you to convert your existing “lift up” loft hatch door to a “swing down” into the room door. All the fixing kit needed to safely install your slider loft ladder is also included. There are no nasty added extras to add at the checkout stage which often happens with other shopping outlets.

We also include a bonus safety feature

The needs of our customers is always at the forefront of our ladder and scaffold tower developments. Loft ladders are used by many people from children through to adults both older and younger. In light of the extra worries about children and the less infirm using ladders we have included as standard with both sizes of our slider loft ladder an extra large handrail included free of charge for added safety when in use.

A slider loft ladder is an economical home improvement

For very little effort, you can add an extra room in your home to do with as you please. Many people find lofts an absolute godsend to store items that are not always in use – Christmas decorations for example and are a perfect solution to small homes where added space comes at a premium. However, although an economical home improvement, it doesn’t mean you should be subjected to inferior workmanship or a poor quality ladder. Like every other ladder sold in our range you can be sure that our slider loft ladder is built and designed to the same high specification as every other ladder we offer.

So what makes the BPS Access Solutions slider loft ladder like no other?

As our customers who come to us for all their access solution needs, will say, it’s the added safety features not found on other comparable ladders as well as the quality of the ladder itself that brings our customers to us time and time again. Take a look at our wonderful features that are offered as standard with our slider loft ladder:

  • A generous maximum weight bearing of 150 kg/23.5 stone
  • For added safety and re-assurance our ladder is supplied with an extra large, extra strong spring loaded catch which locks securely into place down the side of the ladder – this ladder certainly won’t be sliding any more than what it needs to!
  • Conforms to the latest EN14975 safety specifications
  • Non-slip ‘D’ shaped wide treads to ensure safe and comfortable climbing – ordinary rungs tend to cut into your feet.
  • Pivot arm ensures smooth and easy operation
  • Non-slip rubber feet are provided for maximum grip and to protect interior floor coverings
  • For extra strength, ladder rungs pass through ladder styles and are crimped on the outside therefore giving a neater, stronger ladder.

My loft hatch is high off the ground, can you help?

For your convenience we supply our slider loft ladders in 2 sizes – our 2 section and 3 section so we are able to meet most specifications. Our larger ladder, the 3 section actually takes up less space than the 2 section as it is more compact.

The 3 section slider loft ladder is suitable for floor to loft floor heights of between 2.13M and 3M (7′-9’10”) with our 2 section slider loft ladder suitable for floor to loft floor heights of between 2.13M – 2.69M (7′-8’10”)

In addition, your slider loft ladder will come supplied with an extra long aluminium operating pole for ease of use. This is especially convenient for higher loft hatches where it might not be possible to reach the loft hatch from floor height to open it.

Is it easy to install and do you offer any guarantee?

Yes our slider loft ladder is straight forward to install thanks to the easy to follow instruction leaflet that has been written in plain English. Please do bear in mind that our slider loft ladder is only intended for DIY/home use.

Our slider loft ladder also comes with a no quibble lifetime guarantee. Should you have any problems following your purchase, simply speak to our celebrated after sales service for any help you may require.

What about delivery?

Naturally as you might expect, we offer free next day delivery on all purchases to most areas of the UK mainland. We would like to bring to your attention that this service is not normally offered. Most delivery times are between 3 and 5 days or at high cost from other shopping outlets.

Why should I buy?

The slider loft ladder is the latest addition to the wide range of loft ladder solutions offered by the ladder experts here at BPS Access Solutions. We believe it provides excellent quality And strength at a great price. Available in 2 sizes and with an extra large handrail supplied free of charge on both sizes, we think this is an offer that would be very difficult to beat anywhere else.

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.