How to use an extension ladder safely

Extension ladders are made up of 2 or 3 sections that fit together, giving the user height and security. A key benefit of extension ladders is their adaptability, whether you are trying to catch up on some home DIY or are looking for a new ladder for work in the trade an extension ladder is a handy tool for a multitude of uses. It is the typical ladder everyone thinks of when the word ladder comes to mind and there is a good reason it is still popular. Despite many more models and styles of ladder coming onto the market the extension ladder keeps it simple, when you just want to reach the tallest heights and get the job done an extension ladder is the ideal choice.

Top tips for extension ladder safety

Knowing how to use any ladder safely is important to ensure you don’t cause an accident or injury to yourself. Below are our key safety tips that will help you be as safe as possible when using your extension ladder.

1) Inspect the ladder before using it- older ladders particularly could have an issue that make it not safe to use. If any parts are missing are particularly worn then do not use the ladder.

2) Always place the ladder on a dry and flat surface- using a ladder on an unsuitable surface will make it unstable and you are likely to fall off.

3) Ensure the ladder is leaning at a 75-degree angle from the ground- if the angle is too steep the ladder could tip over backwards. Whereas too much of an angle could lead to the ladder being bent or the bottom sliding out.

4) Tie the ladder at the top and bottom- the top of the ladder should be tied to sturdy and reliable support points and the base of the ladder tied off or braced near the base. If you don’t have an available object or structure to tie off the ladder, you can use a long stake driven into the ground. The important thing is the ladder is securely tied to ensure it stays in position.

5) Never set up or take down the extension ladder when the sections are extended- this will reduce your grip and balance and could result in an injury or breaking the ladder.

6) Don’t climb higher than the fourth rung from the top of the ladder- this won’t be evenly balanced, and you could fall. If you need to get higher up then you should purchase a ladder that you are sure is the right height for the job before starting the work.


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