Top Selling Scaffold Tower Ladders of 2020

The scaffold tower allows you more freedom of movement and safety when working at height, which is just one reason why scaffold tower ladders are increasingly popular. But which are the top five best sellers in 2020?

5 – Premium Plus DIY Scaffold Tower

Premium Plus DIY Scaffold Tower

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Cementing its place in fifth position is the Premium Plus DIY Scaffold Tower, a worthy contender for anyone’s money. From DIY to decorating, to outdoor painting and gutter repairs, the scaffold tower is perfect for both domestic and trade use. There are many safety considerations for working at height, one of which is freedom of movement, especially when you need both hands ‘free’ to complete the task. There is also your comfort to think about, not something that comes easily when balancing on top of a ladder. This DIY scaffold tower gives you the space and comfort needed to get a job done, whether it is a short distance from the ground or up to 7metres above ground level. Complete with sturdy braces and spacious platforms, this tower is sturdy and strong. Collapsing into smaller component parts for easy storage, there is no reason why the Premium Plus DIY Scaffold Tower can’t be in your workshop, garage or business.

4 – Premium DIY Scaffold Tower

Premium DIY Scaffold Tower

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Very close in the popularity stakes is the Premium DIY Scaffold Tower, a fantastic piece of kit if you work at height for long periods of time and/or need to have both hands to complete a task. Easy to build and dismantle, the scaffold tower has a sturdy and strong base with the taller options of 6m and 7m having extra legs for better balance. Building the platform is also simple with plenty of clasping and locking mechanisms that reduce ‘bounce’ throughout the structure. Used by a wide variety of tradespeople, the competent DIYer will also find the scaffold tower a worthy investment. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (providing it is built on even, flat ground), you can safely complete a myriad of tasks from cleaning gutters, repairing the roofline, plastering or painting.

3 – The 3T Industrial Scaffold Tower

3T Industrial Scaffold Tower

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The 3T Industrial Scaffold Tower comes in at a respectful midway point in our top five list. As the name suggests, this scaffold tower has been designed with the commercial and trade customer in mind. This doesn’t mean that the other scaffold towers in our range are flimsy but there is a heavy-duty strength to the construction and materials used in this tower that makes it ideal for the heavier use. As well as complying with a range of safety regulations, including the through-the-trap door regulations, the heavy-brakes on each of the four wheels gives peace of mind when in use too. Better still, the twist and locking bracing system mean you won’t need specific or expensive specialist tools to build and dismantle the tower. Like its scaffold tower counterparts, this 3T Industrial Scaffold Tower is available in a range of heights and sizes, meaning no job is out of reach.

2 – Trade Master Professional Scaffold Tower

Trade Master Professional Scaffold Tower

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Our second most popular scaffold tower of 2020 is the Trade Master Professional Scaffold Tower, a giant amongst towers and a versatile, worthy investment for any business whose staff consistently and regularly work at height. Built around a folding base, this tower is simple and quick to build and dismantle. Better still, you won’t need expensive tools to do so as the twist and locking mechanisms secure each platform into place. It also has a colour-based system that allows for speedier building and dismantling too. Fully welded, the non-slip profile also affords extra safety when in use, as well as durability and strength. The upper reaches can be accessed through an internal trap door too. Made from aluminium, this is a piece of kit that will last a lifetime or longer as it won’t rust, unlike stainless steel poles and towers.


1 – Home Master DIY Scaffold Tower

Home Master DIY Scaffold Tower

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Taking top spot – and deservedly so – is the Home Master DIY Scaffold Tower. For the competent DIYer, this is a perfect choice. Lightweight but strong, this tower is designed for occasional or home use. Packed with the safety features you would expect, this versatile tower can be used indoors and outdoors. It comes supplied with ground spikes, an extra layer of safety as well as tile and glide brakes for when the tower is standing on soft ground. The platforms are firmly fixed into place and with increments of 300mm, you can get the right height when completing a task above ground level. There are four sizes available from a maximum height of 4m to the tallest at 7m, the latter of which will see you safely extend the height of a two-storey property. Don’t take chances when working from height – invest in a scaffold tower from the range above and ensure you keep yourself and others safe when performing work at height.

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