What are the benefits of podium steps?

Podium steps have gained a lot of popularity recently, but some people may not know what they are or how they can be beneficial. A podium step is made from lightweight aluminium material which makes them strong but still easy to manoeuvre. Similar to a ladder it has vertical or inclined steps but with a platform to stand on at the top. The platform is surrounded by guard rails to protect workers from falling and causing an injury. They can come in a wide range of sizes and depending on your needs can be more versatile than a ladder. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits in more detail that make podium steps a popular choice for tradespeople.


1) Easy to use and transport

As we previously mentioned podium steps are made of aluminium which make them lighter in weight and therefore easy to carry and transport if you need to take them on multiple jobs.


2) Free-standing

Using a free-standing podium step can be safer than many ladders because ladders usually need to lean on walls and posts for support. A podium step can give you extra security when working at height.


3) Flexible

They are more flexible than ladders because they have platforms that allow you to adjust your working position whilst high up, instead of moving the whole thing like you would need to do with a ladder.


4) Guard rails and safety chains

Podium steps are enclosed with guard rails and other safety measures to ensure workers are not working on an open platform. The rails can allow them to move around safely without risking an injury or a fall and they can complete their work more efficiently and quickly.


5) Wide range

Podium steps can be adjustable and come in several heights so you can find the right height to suit your needs.


6) Easy to set up

Many podium steps can be erected in less than 15 seconds and are easier to set up than scaffold towers. If you are unsure whether your task requires a ladder, or a scaffold tower a podium step can be a good balance in between the two.


7) Comfortable to use

When using a ladder for an extended period of time it can cause fatigue in your legs and feet and cause discomfort. When using a podium step, you will be standing on the platform meaning you won’t experience discomfort or awkward positioning in your legs meaning you can complete longer tasks with ease.


As you can see there can be a lot of benefits to using podium steps in trade jobs. For more information on our range of podium steps and other products available explore our website and get a great deal today.

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