The definitive guide to step ladders

Who would have thought we would reach an age where there would be so much more to the word “ladder”? When you think of a ladder you might have previously thought one size fits all and that they’re all the same, but this is far from the case.

There are a wide range of ladders for all kinds of uses to make life easier for you whether in the home in your business. Today we’re going to have a close look at step ladders. They are one of the most popular types of ladder and I’m going to show you why.


Firstly, why are step ladders so popular?

Versatility. The step ladder provides ease of use for a variety of everyday tasks for both professional and home activities. They can adapt to different environments and despite not providing the greatest height or being very big you cannot fault the value of them.

There is so much more to it than just “step ladder” though and you might not be sure what the best option is for you when trying to navigate the sea of materials and features they describe.


Frames: Fibreglass or metal?

In your standard step ladder, we at BPS supply two main frames fibreglass and metal (more specifically aluminium). As with pretty much all types of step ladder the design of these is the same but the strong materials provide specific functions to ensure your safety.

The fibreglass model was created for situations when you are working around an electrical infrastructure, electricians for instance. Tradespeople would get the most benefit out of these when working close to electricity because fibreglass is non-conductive up to 30,000 volts so your risk of getting electrocuted is greatly reduced. Also, their strong durability makes them ideal for outdoor conditions.

On the flip side the metal frame is useful for other jobs. The aluminium it is made from is very light weight which makes it easy to carry around if you’re on the move a lot, if you’re a painter/decorator by trade for example. This also makes it simple to use whether you regularly handle step ladders or not.


What other types of step ladders are there?

As well as the standard step ladders we have just seen there are many others that specially designed to fill a specific role. They will have a unique element that differentiates them from other models.

Combination step ladders: These have an expandable element to add extra height than your typical step ladder but don’t compromise the portability as it can be easily folded. Another interesting thing about combination step ladders is that they can be used on your stairs. You might be thinking stairs, won’t that be dangerous?

I can assure you no because the combination step ladder extends down as well as up. This means you can place across two different steps on your staircase and the base will be fully secure and sturdy.

Platform step ladders: As the name suggests these ladders have a platform at the top. This is perfect for placing your tools, paint, or any equipment you need whilst up the ladder. The platform also provides extra security in comparison to the swingback which is mainly used for quick use. It has a wide appeal because it can be used around the home for DIY jobs and for people in a business that uses ladders such as window cleaning. In a subsection of the platform step ladder you can get the industrial platform step ladder.

They have similar features to the normal platform model such as the high safety handrail and the non-slip top platform. However, this ladder is aimed at more vigorous use. This ladder is made to be put to the test and for more difficult tasks than home DIY tasks. It can hold an impressive 150kgs and is suitable for use on all building sites which highlights its durability under heavy use.

Podium steps: These are not strictly step ladders but they perform the same function. Design wise they look like smaller scaffold towers that are more mobile and give workers a more solid platform to work on than the traditional step ladder. They have guard rails on all sides so workers are free to use both hands and move freely around the platform whilst being protected from falling off. We sell a range of podium steps that suit different work environments, so you’re bound to find the right one for your use here at BPS.

Tripod step ladders: This is the ladder you may initially look at and think it is very strange and quite different from the look of a normal step ladder. It’s designed this way for a specific circumstance and environment. They are ideally used in places where minimal disturbance to the floor surface is important or there is limited space to have a ladder set up.

They have three legs instead of four which is why they look so original. It has two legs on one side spread further apart at the bottom to provide extra stability. The tripod step ladder is a popular choice for landscapers and gardeners as they can be positioned in a way that does not disrupt the flower beds.

Multi-Purpose step ladders: Again, these have a different design and are quite different from a typical step ladder. It is one of the most versatile products on the market as it can be made into an amazing 14 different configurations and like the industrial step ladder can hold 150kgs.

It is certainly built to last with an extra- strong steel frame and high-quality components. The more suitable question for this ladder would be what can’t it do? No matter what task you need to do you can use this step ladder for anything and everything for home DIY and trade use.


So, that’s it. The definitive guide to step ladders. I hope you found it informative and useful, but you can let us know your thoughts or ask any questions by getting in touch.

We supply all the ladders listed in this guide so go through our website to find out more today. Also, if you call our team, we can answer any queries you may have and give further guidance if needed.

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