Why You Should Buy Ladders or Scaffold Towers Rather Than Hire

This is always an age old debate. The lure of hiring what seems like state of the art equipment can soon leave a sour taste in the mouth. At BPS Access Solutions we took a look at some well known hiring brands in the market place and discovered some rather worrying aspects to hiring that may not be immediately obvious.

Be careful what you are signing up to!

The hiring of scaffold towers or indeed ladders can come about as a matter of urgency – a last minute requirement on a project or perhaps just what seems like a one off need for the week ahead. However, those attractive hire prices may soon become expensive. Let’s take a look at HSS Hire

  • Up front deposit

You will be asked to pay a 2 week hire charge as a deposit that will be refunded upon the return of the equipment.

  • Responsibility of equipment

You will be responsible for the security of the equipment until it is returned to HSS Hire. This applies even if the equipment is off hire and you are waiting for it to be collected. Security of equipment such as ladder and scaffold towers is a major issue for owners without the added stress of huge levies placed on hired equipment should it be stolen.

  • What happens to equipment if it gets broken, damaged or missing or arrival?

You will be charged for broken or damaged equipment, you will need to ensure that the equipment is secured and protected from vandalism or loss. To protect against these unpredictable events, you can take out a damage waiver option and they’re a hefty price to add onto your hire fees, deposit and stress! The highest option will cost you 15% of the hire rate and will cover you against the cost and repair of damage to HSS hire equipment up to the value of £5,000. The standard level of protection at 10% of the hire cost protects against the cost of accidental damage of the equipment only.

  • Make sure the equipment is clean when it is returned….

or else you’ll be charged a cleaning fee!

Ouch! Beware of these fees – they’re excessive!

Why buying is better

Buying your own ladder and scaffold tower can actually work out cheaper by the time you have added the costs together that would be needed for a responsible hirer of HSS equipment!

As we all know, in the real world, equipment can get dirty, wear and tear can occur but it’s often an effort trying to convince the hiring company that it is not damage! Of course you cannot always be around your equipment 24/7 and theft and vandalism of which you have no control over does occur – and quite often too. However protection of ladders and scaffold towers are often covered in standard household or tradespeoples insurance and is not subject to unfair levies or sleepless nights worrying about the safety of your equipment!

So rather than trying to jump through hoops and praying you’ll get your deposit returned, it is better and more cost effective to buy. The sums are quite simple really. By buying your ladder or scaffold tower:

  • You’ll get to use it again. Not just once of course but many times over. At BPS Access Solutions our products will provide many years of reliable service.
  • It’s cheaper in the long run. A cheap ‘no frills’ hire with all the risks might be cheaper but once the equipment is returned you’ll be left without essential equipment and it will only be a matter of time before you’ll need it again.
  • Collecting missing or faulty parts will be a real hassle with hired products. It will involve a trip to the local depot not to mention wasting valuable hire time in the process. Here at BPS Access Solutions, we provide a free lifetime guarantee on all our products. Should a part fail or develop a fault at any time, simply telephone our dedicated customer line and a replacement part will be on it’s way to you without fuss or quibble.

Price comparison – HSS Hire vs BPS Access Solutions

Scaffold Towers – hire price per week







Alloy Span Tower Addit. 1.0m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 2.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 3.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 4.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 5.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 6.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 7.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 8.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 9.2m


Hire Now


Alloy Span Tower 10.2m


Hire Now

Prices (E and OE) are exclusive of VAT and are in UK Sterling

Scaffold Towers – buy price



Maximum Working Height

Our Unbeatable Price


Enlarge Image


£249.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
(RRP £499.99)

Enlarge Image


£449.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
(RRP £639.99)

Enlarge Image


£799.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
(RRP £989.99)

Enlarge Image


£949.99 Incl Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
(RRP £1299.99)

As a direct comparison, a 7.2m scaffold tower would cost £247.90 per week including VAT to hire. Additional charges of around £1.85 per mile apply to deliver the scaffold tower to you or you can pick it up yourself from the local depot at your own cost.

If you buy a 7.2m scaffold tower from BPS Access Solutions, it will cost £974.99 including VAT and FREE next day delivery to your door.

To hire a HSS hire 7.2m scaffold tower for 4 weeks would cost a minimum of £991.60 plus delivery/collection charges. Add to this, the upfront 2 week deposit of £495.80, and the 15% damage waiver at £148.74.

The real cost of hiring:

Total Cost: Min: £1487.40 Max:£1,636.14 excluding delivery with a possible refund of £495.80 on return of the equipment – for 1 month.

As against the simplicity of buying:

Payment of £974.99 including delivery and free parts guarantee – for life.

It’s a no brainer really. For less than the cost of 1 months hire with a lot of risk as against a lower ‘one off’ payment it really does pay you to buy from BPS Access Solutions!

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How ladder accessories can enhance ladder safety and make working life easier

If you are relatively new to using ladders or you care about ultimate safety whilst using a ladder then you will benefit from the vast array of ladder accessories that are available to the ladder user.

How ladder accessories can benefit you

If you want to get rid of those feelings of doubt when you are using your ladder – what if the ladder slips, tips or I drop my tools then ladder accessories are for you. They act as peace of mind as mistakes and poor ground conditions can affect the safety of a ladder without any warning.

Ladder accessories can also protect your ladder against theft and make life much easier when transporting them.

So whether you are deterring opportunist thieves or ensuring your ladder does not slip on differing surfaces then you would not go wrong by finding out how BPS Access Solutions can go the extra mile into achieving the ultimate in safety conditions for you when using your ladder.

BPS – the market leaders in ladder safety

Here at BPS Access Solutions, we pride ourselves on our outstanding track record at delivering the safest ladders available on the market to our many customers located throughout the UK and beyond. Our ladders in their own right have enhanced safety features that are not found on similar ladders available on the market. So it makes perfect sense to have the accessories to match – remember Christmas is coming, put these accessories on your Christmas list this year!

The BPS ‘top rated’ ladder accessories

With so many accessories to chose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here we recommend not only our most popular ladder accessories, but also essential ladder accessories.

  • Avoid your ladder slipping at ground level

It can be difficult to find the perfect ground on which to place your ladder. As we head into Winter, this task becomes even more difficult. Damp grass, wet decking, leaves and moss can all cause accidental slipping of your ladder. Even the slightest slip can lead to serious injury, so it makes sense to protect yourself against sudden slips.

One of newest accessories to our range is our grass/decking gripper. The ribbed surface area of the gripper is placed under the feet of the ladder. The grippers themselves have long 60mm spikes which grip effortlessly into grass or gaps in decking.

There is no need to worry about the width of your ladder or the stabiliser bar as the grippers come as two separate components.

Our favourite feature of the grass/decking gripper: The spikes – for their ease of use and strength – these cannot be shifted once in place and have been laboratory tested for use on decking and grass even if the surface is wet.

Grass and Decking Gripper main image









  • Prevent your ladder slipping on the wall or surface on which it is leaning

Whilst our ladders have rubber feet located at the top and bottom, it is always a good idea to upgrade such safety features where possible. Our wall pads are a brilliant cost effective option to protect against disasters such as ladder slippages.

Our wall pads offer a greatly enhanced and much larger surface grip than is offered as standard. Some ladders do not have any grip at all at the top! The wall pads not only keep your ladder firmly in place where it is positioned, but also prevents the ladder from sliding sideways. Damp walls, accidental over leaning and sudden movement can all cause a ladder to unintentionally slide.

We also recommend wall pads if you are carrying out work on houses where it is important that no marks are left by ladders. This can include interior work and also work outside such as a newly rendered house. To this end, our wall pads are extremely popular with trades people such as decorators, shop fitters, window installers and window cleaners. The rubber pads will not perish if harsh products like solvents, thinners, paint or staining products come into contact with them.

It doesn’t matter what type of ladder you have, our wall pads will fit all types.

Our favourite feature of the wall pads: We find that they work really well with multi purpose ladders if you don’t wish to use the stabiliser bar at one end.







  • Create a more comfortable working space or space for tools

One of the more frustrating aspects of ladders is the limitations on space for tools and rung space. Carrying tools on a tool belt and risking foot injury from ladder rungs was taken for granted until recently when using ladders.

Our in-genius ladder accessory the step platform has revolutionised ladder use and made working life easier for DIY and trades people alike. The step platform provides a safe working platform or additional working space quickly and easily on most ladders fitted with square rungs. If you already have one of our multi purpose, telescopic, extension or combination ladders, then the step platform will fit your ladder.

Featuring a non slip surface, the step platform provides a safe and comfortable working area if you are spending long periods working on a ladder. There will be no discomfort associated with rungs cutting into your feet.

Our favourite feature of the step platform: Many of our customers opt for a second step platform which can be used above you to rest a pot of paint or your tools whilst you carry out your work.








  • Stop thieves in their tracks wherever your ladders might be

We are very proud of our dual locking anvil storage brackets. In fact the dual locking feature makes our storage brackets the best anti crime device on the market today and is already making a difference when it comes to ladder theft.

If storage is an issue then these anvil storage bracket offer great flexibility than most other options. These can be installed outside, on an inside wall or even the ceiling so if space is at a premium then these brackets will be just the job.

When you purchase your dual locking anvil storage brackets from us, you will be pleased to know you will be buying the whole kit – we include the padlocks and the bolts – many other outlets expect you to pay more for these essential items!

The anvil storage brackets will fit all two and three section ladders and even some tower frames.

Our favourite feature: the dual locking padlock for the ultimate in security. Many people do not lock their ladders once they have placed them in storage in their garage. With the price of scrap metal currently, we recommend that you do not take a risk with your ladders by leaving them unlocked.

Ladder Brackets







Make your ladder how you want it

Ladder accessories are very popular because they allow you to customise your own ladder but taking your favourite adds ons to create the ladder of your dreams! The accessories above are essentials that we think every ladder owner should have, however there are many more so please visit our website to discover them.

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Inspecting your ladder for use

Many people worry about ladder safety, however in actual fact, a quality ladder which is being used safely and for the right purpose, is the perfect tool for working at height. Accidents on ladders often occur because risks were taken in the first place – over reaching or placing the ladder in an inappropriate position are the most common causes of accident.


over reaching on a ladder








Take care when assembling your ladder

Never rush setting your ladders up. Make sure the locking mechanisms are engaged. Rushing to assemble your ladder could mean that the ladder collapses whilst in use. Rushing from a leafy area into a dry space could mean the ladder slips due to leaves still attached to the ladder feet. A simple check over before ascending your ladder could avoid this terrifying scenario.

collapsed ladder







When to carry out checks on your ladder

A good quality ladder will last you for many years to come, however it is still vitally important that you, as the user of the ladder carry out a pre-use check on your ladder:

  • at the start of every working day.
  • if something changes such as moving the ladder from a dirty area to a clean area, or if the ladder is dropped etc.

Never take someone elses word that the ladder is safe, always be certain yourself that your ladder is safe before using it.

Never assume that the ladder is safe. Damage can occur during storage or transit that you may be unaware of.

Carry out these simple daily checks

A ladder pre-use check can sound like a long and drawn out task, but it needn’t be and it could even save your life. Ladder pre-use checks will soon become a matter of habit rather than an inconvenience to the professional ladder user.

  • Stiles

Check that these are not bent or damaged. The ladder could buckle or collapse if used with bent styles. Never take a risk.

ladder style







  • Feet

Check the feet on the ladder. They should be of a good size and made of rubber for superior grip. Ensure that the feet are not missing, worn or damaged. Check your ladder feet regularly particularly when you move from one area to another. Loose soil, gravel or sand can stick to the feet. Make sure that this unwanted material is not in contact with the ground as this could cause the ladder to slip. Ensure it is the feet (rather than the material) which are in contact with the ground at all times.

ladder feet







  • Rungs

Check all the rungs are in place and firmly attached. Bent, loose, missing or worn rungs can cause the ladder to fail, or you could slip and fall.

broken rungs









  • check locking mechanisms

Engage all safety devices on your ladder including locking bars. If they are bent or fixings are worn or damaged, the ladder could collapse. Never use your ladder if the safety features are not engaging, you risk serious injury or even death.

locking mechansim







  • Check the platform if you are using a step ladder

Step ladders can be just as dangerous as any other type of ladder if it is being used in a dangerous condition. If the platform is split or buckled, it can cause the step ladder to become unsafe.

step ladder platform









  • Inspect the rungs for dirt

Even if the rungs are perfectly usable, a serious accident could occur from the dirt that is in contact with them. Always ensure your rungs are clear from excess debris. Similarly, ensure that your footwear is also. Leaves can easily become affixed to soles and will be like a skating rink when in contact with the ladder rungs. Take care!








If you have concerns about the safety of your ladder

First and foremost, never consider using a ladder which you feel is unsafe. If the ladder is your own, then the outlet from which you replaced it should be able to assist with the replacement of parts which have failed. Here at BPS Access Solutions, we offer a free lifetime guarantee on all of our ladders.

If you do not have a guarantee on your ladder, then the safest option is to replace it. Never use a ladder which you feel is unsafe.

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How not to use a scaffold tower

There is plenty of information out there on how BEST to use a scaffold tower, but has anyone ever told you how NOT to use a scaffold tower?

It may seem obvious, but some of these gaffes below will make you snigger if nothing else. Never under estimate peoples stupidity when it comes to making use of a scaffold tower!

However, some of the tips are actually quite useful, do you know how strong the wind needs to blow before you stop work for example? Also did you know that the type of work you carry out on a scaffold tower affects its stability?

From the sublime to the ridiculous – scaffold tower safety addressed

  •  Use leg adjusters correctly

Using leg adjusters incorrectly like in the picture below is a big no-no! Hopefully the answer why is obvious. Ensure the leg adjusters maintain a level stability of your scaffold tower. Improper use creates a tilting hazard.

scaffold tower leg






  • Do not use boxes or other objects to gain additional height

Always ensure you are able to reach the required height with your scaffold tower. Never place any objects upon it in order to gain additional height.

dangerous scaffold towers





  • Never bridge the gap

Always resist the temptation to stride from your scaffold tower onto a building. Never do this unless this is an approved access route. Doing the splits at height is not a good idea!

bridging the gap






  • Never jump onto platforms

Doing the leap of faith is never recommended in the world of Health and Safety. Never jump directly onto platforms or any part of your scaffold tower. You could fall or cause instability on the scaffold tower.

never jump onto platforms







  • Tie your tower if possible when working outside or in exposed conditions

To protect yourself against extremes in weather, tie your tower to a rigid structure if possible whilst you are working. It protects against embarrassing scenarios like this….and you’ll be keeping the neighbours happy too!

tie tower to a rigid structure







  • Beware of the funnel effect

The funnel effect caused by wind passing through an enclosed space has caught many scaffold tower users off guard. Take care if you’re working in confined spaces and building sites. Do not work in windy conditions as could cause injury and stability issues.

Funnel effect




  • Do not exceed the safe working load of the scaffold tower

Don’t forget to take account of your materials and equipment you will need on your scaffold tower. Don’t store heavy materials such as tiles or cement un-necessarily, exceeding the safe working load of your scaffold tower will lead to uneasy situations like this.

safe working load









  • Beware of horizontal forces from your equipment

Working safely goes beyond safe erection of your tower. Ensure that your tools will not create a horizontal force. The sheer power from jet washes and power tools could throw you backwards and in extreme cases the scaffold tower with it.

horizonal forces






  • Scaffold towers are not designed to be suspended

Need we say more? Always keep your scaffold tower on the ground. Never work on it while it’s suspended. In fact never suspend it ever!

suspended scaffold tower






  • Beware of live apparatus and overhead cables

Remember metal conducts electricity so take care when carrying out electrical work using aluminium and steel scaffold towers. In addition take care when repositioning your scaffold tower and keep a look out for overhead power cables.

beware of power lines









  • Do not lift an assembled scaffold tower from the ground

Never attempt to lift a scaffold tower from the ground that is fully assembled. Parts could fall causing death or serious injury. If a scaffold tower needs to be moved a reasonable distance, it will need to be taken down and reassembled in the required location. Never move a scaffold tower whilst people are working on it.








Still unsure on safe usage of a scaffold tower?

Here at BPS Access Solutions, we recommend that you undertake appropriate training before using a scaffold tower if you do not feel confident in it’s use. In the workplace, it is illegal not to have received training in the safe use and working practice when using scaffold towers.

Always stay safe and never take risks using either ladders or scaffold towers.

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What size extension ladder do I need?


A popular question we get asked often in our customer services department is how to work out the right size of extension ladder.

Identifying the correct size of extension ladder is a relatively straight forward task. Putting that aside, however, it is still imperative that the right size of extension ladder is used in order to avoid ladder trips, slips and falls.

Finding the right size in simple terms

If you need a rough guesstimate then you can simply drop a tape measure out of your window. Some people simply measure the ceilings in their home and add another 50-100cm to allow for the ladder pitch and depth of ceiling.

Here at BPS Access Solutions, we highly recommend that you measure correctly to ensure that the extension ladder you purchase is suitable for the job and most importantly of all will not cause a serious injury or worse by incorrect usage.

How to measure for a standard 2 floor house

To measure the length of extension ladder required on a 2 floor house, you can use a very simple formula.

Do you remember the Pythagoras Theorem from your school days? The formula to use is very similar although thankfully it won’t require you to re-learn all the terminology!

Imagine that (a) is your house wall and (b) is the ground on which the ladder will be sitting. The pitch of the extension ladder will make up (c.) If the pitch is too long the ladder will be sitting at a dangerous angle and if too short your ladder will not be long enough to reach the job.

Thankfully our extension ladders here at BPS come in 3 sections, so you only need to use the sections that are needed which allow for greater versatility of jobs. We do suggest ensuring you can reach the top of your house though with your extension ladders.

Getting the pitch of the extension ladder right

The average 2 floor house will be just over 6 metres in height. This means that the base of the ladder must be placed just over 1.5 metres away from the base of the house wall. The top of the ladder must extend beyond the roof edge by approximately 90cm.

If the ladder pitch is not correct, there is a serious risk of the ladder slipping or tipping away from the wall when in use.

Our ladders are amongst the safest on the market today and we promote safe use of ladders to ensure your safety when in use.

How to calculate what size extension ladder you will need

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that ladders need to be at an angle of 75 degrees away from the wall. This is known as the 1 in 4 rule. To get the angle right, you will need to know how far off the ground your roof is.

So assuming our measurements for the 2 floor house – 6 M in height with a Base of 1.5M we then need to use the Pythagoras Theorem to work out the ladder length. You need to square (a) and (b) to get (c.)

  • So 6 x 6 + (1.5 x 1.5) [a + b]
  • 6 x 6 = 36 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25
  • 36 + 2.25 = 38.25 [c]
  • Square root of 38.25 is 6.20 approximately. Add approximately 1 more metre (for ease) to account for additional extension beyond the roof edge, which means you would need a ladder of just over 7m in height.

Things to look out for

Common mistakes that are made with extension ladder length include


  • Forgetting to account for dips in the ground

The Pythagoras Theorem calculation assumes flat ground. In reality the ground has dips and bumps in it. Always ensure your ladder will still be long enough. It is better to have a longer ladder than to scrimp on the length. If there are any doubts, you could use a spirit level to determine the difference in ground levels or better still use a ladder leveller which will ensure your ladder is level on the ground.


  • Beware of two section extension ladders

Bare in mind that the higher up an extension ladder you go, the more wobbly it gets. This is why at BPS Access Solutions we eliminate ‘the wobble’ by having a three section extension ladder. Not only does this enable you to complete jobs at a lower level, it is also easier to store due to the compact size it folds down to.


  • Check the weight rating of the ladder

For maximum comfort and safety, always ensure the ladder is suitable for your weight before purchase. Our ladders have a massive weight rating of 150kg, however they are still lightweight and easy to put up and down.

Remember a ladder from BPS Access Solutions will last for many years to come. Make sure the extension ladder will fully suit your needs before purchase.


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Instructions on how to fit a sliding loft ladder

Congratulations! You have purchased a new sliding loft ladder, now your life will be made easier by being able to access your loft easily and safely!

However, there are a few things to bear in mind before you begin to install your new ladder. Avoid rookie errors such as ensuring there is enough space within your loft to fold the ladder when not in use, ensuring that you have an additional ladder to use whilst installing your loft ladder and ensuring that the ground area where the ladder is pulled down to is suitable.

Remember loft ladders are only designed for use at home and should not be considered to be a permanent staircase. It should be treated as any other ladder when in use and should not be used by pets or anyone under the age of 16.

Before you start

Make sure the sliding loft ladder you have purchased is suitable for use in your home. In particular ensure that the ladder will be able to open to it’s minimum height and not exceed it’s maximum height – these issues are particularly relevant if you live in a property with lower or higher than average ceiling heights.

You also need to ensure that there is space in your loft for your ladder to fold up in. So check the pitch height in your loft and the minimum internal loft height required for safe installation of your ladder. Remember your ladder will need to fold up and will be lifted into your loft when not in use. Look at the diagram below to give you an idea:


Finally, before you start, ensure that you will not exceed the maximum load which will be indicated clearly on the packaging.

Get the right tools

To avoid personal injury and to safely install your sliding loft ladder, you will need the correct tools for the job. You will also need another suitable ladder which will enable you to access the loft safely whilst you are installing your sliding loft ladder.

Installing a sliding loft ladder is a two person job so you will need a competent person to help you to install it – one person working in the loft and the other at ground level.

You will also need the following tools and equipment:


  • Tape measure


  • Pencil


  • Sharp point Bradawl


  • Drill and 2mm, 3mm and 13mm wood drill bits


  • Phillips screw driver


  • 2x 8mm spanner


  • 17 mm spanner


  • Wood glue (is optional)

Unpacking your ladder

Carefully unpack your ladder checking carefully for any damage that might have occurred in transit. A damaged loft ladder will require a replacement so unpack to check the contents as soon as possible.

Check that you have all the components necessary to assemble and install your sliding loft ladder:


Installing your loft ladder

Only proceed to install the sliding loft ladder if you feel confident in doing so. Remember to work tidily and keep tools and parts away from the loft hatch where they could drop or on the floor area where the could be a tripping hazard.

You may need to install wooden batons or noggins to be able to fit the pivot bar or retaining bar in the correct position, however, never be tempted to fit unauthorised parts to the sliding loft ladder itself as this will invalidate it’s warranty.

Take care when installing the loft ladder and do not attempt to use it in any way until it is fully installed. If any damage is caused, for safety reasons it will need to be discarded and replaced.

Preparing the trap door

If you do not have a loft ladder already, your loft hatch may be of the push up variety. You need to have a trapdoor that you pull down to open. The first 4 steps will show you how to prepare and fit a loft door complete with opening assembly ready to install your sliding loft ladder. If your loft door is already in place, you can go straight to step 5 – installing the ladder.

Step 1

Hanging the trapdoor:

Attach the hinges to the trapdoor by drilling 2mm pilot holes and screw the hinges, equally spaced, to one end of the trapdoor using 4x 18mm screws. Install the trapdoor by positioning the fitted hinges against the hatch frame and mark the fixing hole positions. Drill 2mm pilot holes and screw the hinges to the hatch surround using 4x 18mm screws.


  • Your new trapdoor should have a minimum thickness of 20mm with a 2mm gap all the way around when door is fitted in the hatch.
  • Trapdoor will attach to the same side of the hatch frame as the loft ladder.
  • Minimum gap of 50mm between the top of the trapdoor when closed and top edge of the frame.
  • Optional – fill the screw holes with wood glue before inserting the screws to increase strength.


Step 2

Preparing the trapdoor

Hold up trap door in the closed position.

A&B: At the opposite end to where you have fitted the hinges, measure and mark a line onto the trapdoor, 31mm from the edge of the frame. Measure and mark a centre line.

C: Open the trapdoor and drill a 13mm hole where the lines meet and sand off any rough edges


Step 3

Fitting the catch assembly

Push the twist catch collars (no. 3 & 4) into each side of the hole you just drilled with the large catch collar (no. 4) on the outside of the trapdoor.

Insert the pivot pin (no. 5) through the outside of the hatch through the hole and secure using the second nut (1). Ensure the pivot pin can twist freely.

Place the catch lever (no. 2) onto the pivot pin (as shown) and secure using the second nut (1). Again ensure the pivot pin twists freely.


Step 4

Catch bracket fitting

 A: Measure the thickness of your trapdoor and add 9mm. Draw a line this distance up from the bottom of the hatch opening, parallel with it. Close the trapdoor and mark a vertical line on the inside of the hatch frame where the centre of the twist catch meets the hatch frame.

B: Open the trapdoor and position the catch bracket on the hatch frame, lining up with the vertical and horizontal lines as show ring. Mark the fixing hole positions.

Drill 2mm pilot holes and fix the bracket using 2x 18mm screws.









Installing the ladder

Step 5

Remove the end caps and slide on the pivot bar stops

A: Remove both end caps from the stiles on the back of the loft ladder, closest to the end where the rubber feet are fitted.

B: Slide a pivot bar stop onto each stile (side) of the ladder, do not secure in place yet.


A pair of pivot bar stops have already been installed at the top of the loft ladder.








Step 6

Slide on the pivot bar assembly

Ensure the pivot bar is fully assembled, with the pivot bar sliders slotted into the pivot bar rod.

Slot the pivot bar assembly onto the stiles.


The pivot bar brackets MUST be the correct way round, as shown with the brackets in an upside down “L” position.









Step 7

Slide on remaining pivot bar stops and refit end caps

A: Slot on the remaining 2 pivot bar stops, do not secure in place yet.

B: Slot both stile end caps back on to the ends of the stiles.








Step 8

Attach 2x handrails

Attach the handrail to each side of the loft ladder.

Place washers (no. 2) onto the 65mm bolts (no. 4), insert through the handrail, mounting block (no. 3) and ladder. Fix using the nuts and washers (no. 1 & 2).

Tighten using an 8mm spanner.








Step 9

 Extend the loft ladder

Release the locking catch close to the bottom of the loft ladder and then the catch on the top of the front section.

Extend the ladder fully until the locking catches engage securely with the other catches.









Step 10

Attach the pivot bar


One person is needed in the loft for this part of the installation. Position the pivot bar brackets onto the top of the loft hatch frame, on the side the trapdoor is hung.

Position the loft ladder in the centre of the hatch and make sure it is square with both feet flat on the floor. The pivot bar brackets must be pushed up against the sides of the loft ladder.

Mark the screws holes onto the frame with pencil, drill 3mm pilot holes and then fix using 6 x 35mm screws.








Step 11

Set the pitch of the ladder and fix top pivot bar stops

A: position the ladder at the correct angle between 65 and 80 degrees. Alternatively, use the red and white sticker on the side and once you get the white line vertical the ladder is at the correct pitch.

B: Position the 1st pair of pivot bar stops against the pivot bar sliders and tighten. Make sure the ladder is level and square before tightening stops.








Step 12

Attach the 2x retaining bars

Fix the retaining bar (no.4) to the top of the loft ladder using the fittings pre assembled to the bar. Tighten using 2x 8mm spanners. Tighten the nut securing the angle bracket (no. 5) to the retaining bar (no. 4). Do not over tighten, the bracket must be able to move freely. Fix the angle bracket to the attic floor using 2x 18m screws. Do the same for the 2nd retaining bar on the other side.


Install additional wooden noggins to fix the retaining bar in the correct position if necessary.

The retaining bars must be in line with the ladder not at an angle.








Step 13

Stow the loft ladder away and further fix pivot bar stops

A: release the 2x catches found on the right hand side of ladder. Slide the 2 front sections up until the catches engage with the other catches.

B: Push the ladder up into the loft by hand as far as you can reach and then insert the stowing pole into the side of the bottom rung and push the loft ladder up until fully stowed away safely.

C: Slide the 2nd pair of pivot bar stops up to meet the pivot bar sliders and tighten securely with screwdriver.








Using your slider loft ladder

Installed correctly, your slider loft ladder will give many years of outstanding service, however to keep it working at it’s best, be sure to check through the instruction leaflet and carry out any recommended maintenance on the ladder.

Specifically, here at BPS Access Solutions, we recommend that you check that the 4 pivot bar stops are secured in the correct position and the screws are tight.

Make sure that the fixings and handrail are secure before each use, tighten screws and fittings as necessary.

Always use your slider loft ladder in accordance to the manufacturers instructions and additionally, follow the instructions given on the side of the slider loft ladder.

How to open and close your loft door

 To close the trapdoor

Insert the pole into the twist catch and push the trapdoor up into its closed position and turn the catch clockwise to lock.

To open the trapdoor:

Insert the pole into the twist catch and turn the catch anticlockwise to unlock. Carefully lower the trapdoor using the stowing pole.








How to pull your loft ladder out of the loft and put it back again

Insert the pole into the bottom rung of the ladder and carefully pull out and down simultaneously. Ensure you carefully control the descent of the ladder so as not to endanger any persons or animals.

When the ladder stops, release the 2 catches found on the right hand side and extend it until the catch engages with the other locking catches. DO NOT use the loft ladder unless the locking catch is fully engaged.





Before you use your slider loft ladder

When the ladder is deployed, make sure that:


  • The locking catch is fully engaged.


  • Both feet are flat on the floor.


  • The ladder is at the correct angle (65-80°).


Using your slider loft ladder safely

When in use, you should treat your slider loft ladder in the same way as you would treat any other ladder, however it should only ever be used as a loft ladder and not for any other purpose.

When the ladder is in use, only one person should be using the ladder at any one time. You should not carry loads in excess of 10kg whilst on the ladder.

Always wear sensible footwear with clean, non-slip soles and face the ladder at all times whilst keeping a grip on the ladder at all times when climbing up or down the ladder. Never over reach on a loft ladder, you could overbalance and injure yourself.

Do not use the loft ladder if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lastly, keep your loft ladder clean. A quick wipe down regularly will be sufficient, however keeping your slider loft ladder clean and dust free will ensure it continues to work properly. 

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Innovative and lifestyle adaptive? Yes that’d be a ladder!

extension ladder

Not everyone is an expert on ladders and not everyone has a large vehicle and garage to store a ladder in either.

Gone are the days when ladders were basic structures – with the one size fitted all approach. Then there was the danger factor to consider too. Thankfully, nowadays non slip feet, safety platforms and integral stabilizers are fitted as standard to ensure your safety.

So where should you start if you are a ‘ladder novice’?

The first thing you should ensure when buying any ladder is that it meets the required safety standard. In the UK there are 3 classification levels for aluminium ladders and step ladders. These are determined by the type of work that they will be used for, with all 3 classifications being within the scope of BS 2037. The individual ratings are:

Class 1 – Industrial Ladders.

These are very heavy duty aluminium ladders with a load rating of 175kg (27.5 stones). They would normally be used for heavy industrial or site work, although may, of course, be used around the home or workplace.

EN 131 Trade Ladders (previously Class 2)

These “Trade Quality” ladders are the most popular grade of aluminium ladder in Europe at present (EN 131 is a European wide standard) and carry a load rating of 150kg (23.5 stones). They are suitable for use by in the workplace (except as above) and for home use.

Class 3 – Domestic Ladders

These “DIY” aluminium ladders are produced solely for domestic use and carry a load rating of 95kg (15 stones). They are very lightweight and are not suitable for use in the workplace. Here at BPS Access Solutions, we don’t stock these type of ladders at all due to their inferior quality.

Can you store your ladder safely and securely?

Once you are satisfied with the safety aspect, you then need to consider what use you have in mind for your ladder and any constraints you may have on transportation and storage. If space or security is an issue, do not despair! At BPS Access Solutions we stock a wide range of ladders to suit every need. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can advice you on the best ladder for your needs. We have ladders that meet both DIY and Trade standards to whether you are a business owner or enjoy doing DIY within your home then we have a ladder for you.

Here is a general guide to the purpose and uses for different types of ladder you may come across during your search. These are the ladders sold at BPS Access Solutions www.ladderandscaffoldtowers.co.uk and must not be confused with inferior products sold elsewhere. The guide will also give you an idea of the size of the ladder – many of our models can be stored in a cupboard or under the bed and are transportable in a car boot. No need for expensive roof racks or a large garage!

An insight into our most popular ladders

Whether you need to work on a conservatory roof, the stairs or simply to the top of a windowsill, we have a ladder to suit your needs. We eliminate dangers associated with over stretching, working on fragile roofs and dangerous stairwell constructions with a ladder that resolves the need to take dangerous risks.

Below we have detailed our best selling ladders, however we have many more in our range. These ladders below are famed for their dependability, safety and unbeatable quality.

Multi Purpose Ladder

The Multi Purpose Ladder is by far the most versatile ladder in the world – the ultimate Multi Purpose Ladder that can be used in 13 positions!! (yes 13!) and is available in 3 sizes.

  •  Very strong – EN131 Part 1 & 2 1993 Certified (Trade & DIY use) – NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH WEAKER NON CERTIFIED LADDERS FOR DIY USE ONLYMaximum load a massive 150 kg (23.5 stone).


  • Supplied complete with extra strong safe interlocking 1.5mm thick platform – BEWARE, SOME OTHERS ARE SUPPLIED WITH WEAKER PLATFORMS.

True multi-function ladder – possibly the only ladder you will ever need.

  •  Can be used as an extension ladder, double sided step ladder, stair step ladder, stair platform, stand off ladder, painting or gardening platform, free standing ladder and work bench.
  • Multi Purpose Ladder features stabilisers with extra large red rubber feet giving 100% grip to floor surface, and ensuring maximum stability and safety in use. 
  • Non slip “ridged” rungs ensuring maximum safety 
  • Compact to store and transport – will easily fit into a car boot or cupboard 
  • A cost effective solution to all of your access requirements 
  • Available in 3 sizes (choose from foot of page)

 Telescopic Ladders

The revolutionary Telescopic Ladder and Trio triple-use Telescopic Ladder is available in 2 sizes 

In our opinion, the Telescopic Ladder is probably the most innovative access product to hit the market in recent years. As such, there are many inferior products in the marketplace that are neither as safe, strong nor durable as our ladders. We are delighted to announce two new products to supplement our already strong line up of ladders – the new Telescopic Ladder and unique Trio triple-use Telescopic Ladder. Both are top quality ladders, and are an ideal “piece of kit” for surveyors, all building trades and householders. They are suitable for use inside and out, at home, in the office or on-site.

  •  The clever new alternative to conventional ladders. Our Telescopic Ladder has many applications both at work and around the home
  • Ladder supplied with unique safety stabiliser bars fitted with large rubber feet to protect floor surfaces and give great grip in all positions 
  • Supplied with heavy duty carry bag incorporating shoulder strap for ease of transport and ultimate protection of your Telescopic Ladder 
  • Ladder opens and closes “rung by rung”, meaning that it can be used at multiple heights up to 3.85m (12′ 8″) 
  • You open only to the height required giving great manoeuvrability, particularly in confined spaces 
  • Extremely compact in storage and transport therefore easily fits into cupboard, under the bed or in a car boot 
  • Manufactured to European Standard EN131 (Trade & DIY use) for your reassurance and safety 
  • Very strong – maximum load 150kg (23.5 stone), yet being only 11.5kg in weight – is easily carried 
  • Anodised aluminium finish – clean to touch and not “oily” 
  • Large anti-slip rungs for comfort and safety


Trio Telescopic Ladder only (in addition to the above)

  •  Triple-use telescopic ladder – can be used as an extension ladder (height 3.85m / 12’7″), double sided step ladder (must be used fully extended – height 1.9m/6’3″) or stair step ladder.
  • Twin stabiliser bars fitted 
  • Supplied with full instructions written in plain English

There are many weaker, inferior telescopic ladders available. We have scoured the market and we are really happy to put our name to this one which has been fully tested and is superior to others both in quality and value for money. Buy from THE leading ladder experts.

Platform Step Ladders

The complete Platform Step Ladder for TRADE/DIY use and is available in 7 sizes

Top quality – includes integral platform and high safety rail

The complete Platform Step Ladder that offers ease of use, stability and safety

  •  EN131 Certified (European Trade & DIY Standard) for your safety and reassurance
  • Very strong for your safety and reassurance – weight rating 150kg (23.5 stone) 
  • Large 250mm (10”) ribbed platform for maximum safety and comfort 
  • 75mm (3”) ribbed steps for safe climbing 
  • Non-slip, non-conductive plastic feet for extra grip to floor 
  • High level safety rail for added support and safety 
  • Smooth, quiet opening/closing action 
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation 
  • Manufactured from anodised aluminium so light but durable and smooth to touch

Extension Ladders with Integral Stabiliser

Triple Extension Ladder for Trade/DIY use and is available in 6 sizes

Top quality – includes integral horizontal stabiliser

  •  EN131 certified (Trade &DIY use) for your safety and reassurance
  • Very strong – weight rating 150kg (23.5 stone) 
  • Unique auto locking clamps fitted to lock ladder sections firmly in place for added safety and peace of mind 
  • Brand new design featuring anti slip rungs 
  • Overlapping rubber feet fitted giving 100% stability and maximum grip to floor
  • Ergonomically designed oblong shaped profile giving added safety and comfort 
  • Extremely versatile – can be used as 1 , 2 or 3 section ladder 
  • Lightweight construction for ease of use, but very strong 
  • Being a 3 section ladder – more compact in storage and transport than its 2 section equivalent 
  • Rungs set only 265mm (10.5”) apart making the ladder easier and more comfortable to climb. Some ladders have rungs 280mm (11”) or even 300mm (12”) apart


Combi All In One Extension Ladders, Step Ladders and Free Standing Ladder

Extremely versatile and top quality – the complete Combination Ladders for trade/DIY use. Integral horizontal stabiliser included  and is available in 6 sizes

The complete Combination Ladders that offer versatility, stability and safety 

  •  EN131 certified (Trade & DIY use) for your safety and reassurance
  • Very strong – weight rating 150kg (23.5 stone) 
  • Rungs set just 265mm (10.5”) apart making the ladder comfortable, safe and easy to climb 
  • The only ladder that you will ever need” – can be used as a double sided step ladder, 2 or 3 section extension ladder, single ladder but, most usefully and originally, as a free standing ladder 
  • Saves space in storage as this is a 3 section ladder, also more compact to transport than the 2 section equivalent 
  • Metal retaining brace fitted for added safety when ladder used in double sided step and free standing ladder configurations 
  • Rubber feet fitted to integral stabiliser for 100% stability and reassurance in use 
  • Unique auto locking clips secure ladder sections firmly in place for added safety and peace of mind when used in 2 and 3 section extension ladder configurations 
  • New anti-slip rungs for safe use, and ergonomically designed oblong stile profile for added comfort 
  • Unique sliding mechanism for easy conversion to other mode

Easy Throw Escape Ladder

Fire can engulf your home in 60 seconds! Are you prepared with a quick and safe method of escape from fire (and other) hazards? This EASY THROW Escape Ladder is the world’s leading emergency escape tool and, in our opinion, every home should have at least one. We have an Easy-Throw Escape Ladder suitable for most properties – both two and three storey and it can even be fitted to dormer windows and is available in 3 sizes 

  •  Extra wide (350mm / 14″) treads – wider than others on the market, making the ladder more stable and therefore easier and safer to use
  • Very strong steel hooks with “X” type centre support for great stability in use 
  • Durable, tangle free and flame resistant design for your safety and reassurance 
  • Quick and easy deployment – vital in an emergency 
  • Very strong – maximum load 450kg (70.9 stone) and can be used by up to 3 people at the same time 
  • Lightweight aluminium construction for ease of use 
  • Easily stored – will fit under most beds or in a wardrobe 
  • Supplied ready assembled for your convenience 
  • A “must have” for every home 
  • Compact hook size – only 30cm (12″) wide and suitable for walls up to 30cm (12″) thick, therefore will fit most applications 
  • Supplied with full instructions written in plain English 
  • Ladder packed in an attractive box making it an ideal present

Unbeatable customer service

At BPS Access Solutions, we scour the internet to ensure we bring you unbeatable prices! Order on line or over the telephone before 3pm and you will receive your ladder the next working day. Free delivery to UK mainland is included in the price as well as VAT and a free lifetime guarantee on your ladder.

For more information about our ladders including videos, sizing information and other important safety information, please visit our ladders section http://www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk/acatalog/ladders.html


Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Does your ladder or scaffold tower carry the latest safety certification?

multi purpose ladder blog

In most of our blogs, we talk about ladder safety and how to ensure you are buying a ladder that suitable for your needs.  Today we talk about why you can buy with confidence from us, in particular our high safety standards on all our ladders, scaffold towers and accessories which we are proud to hold our reputation on.

Ladder Certification Made Easy!

European Trade/DIY Standard:

Look out for the EN131 certification on our ladders. This means it is suitable for trade use as well as for round the home. Such a ladder would be an ideal choice if you have a trade such as a window cleaning business that requires use of a ladder on a daily basis. Our ladders are made from quality materials – aluminium and fibreglass designed to last for many years. EN131 is your reassurance that the ladder will be ‘up for the job’. Currently “Trade Quality” ladders are the most popular grade of aluminium ladder in Europe at present (EN 131 is a European wide standard) and carry a load rating of 150kg (23.5 stones). They are suitable for use in the workplace (with the exception of heavy industrial and site work) and for home use.

Industrial/Trade Use:

If you work in an industrial environment or use a ladder extensively on a daily basis, an industrial ladder may suit your needs more effectively. Look out for the BS2037 Class1 British Standard Kitemark to confirm that the ladder meets the requirements. The ladders are more sturdy with additional weight bearing capabilities.

Scaffold Tower Certification

Unlike ladders, there are no UK standards at the present time for Scaffold Towers, with the HSE relying on The Working at Height Regulations to promote safe practice. However reputable manufacturers choose to apply for a product standard, the latest one being EN1004. The highest rating being Class 3 (industrial), and the lowest Class 1. In the UK these standards are known as BSEN1004. As you would expect here at BPS Access Solutions, our trade and industrial scaffold towers carry the latest certification. Safety is our paramount concern and we would not like to use an uncertified scaffold tower and would not expect anyone else to either.

In general, aluminium and steel are the materials of choice for scaffold towers. Towers made from either of these metals are sound and reliable. If cost is a consideration, then steel is the better choice, since it’s less expensive than aluminium. When buying scaffold towers, though, it’s important to consider the application carefully. Regardless of what material you choose, be sure that it conforms with the BS EN1004 standard.

Superior Customer Care and purchase options

I just wanted to send you a note and a box of chocolates to thank you for your help over the last year, it has been really appreciated” featured in a recent testimonial from a happy customer – we receive many happy comments from our customers every month and we proudly publish them on our website.

When purchasing from us, we have a wide range of order options:

In Person:

if you prefer the traditional method of buying from a shop, we have a high street store located in Biggin Hill, Kent. Here you can see what you are buying and of course collect from the store.

By Telephone or On Line:

If you are not local to us, of course you can order over the telephone on 0871 2000 369 or order on line directly from our website and you can have your product delivered fast and for free the very next working day to almost anywhere on the UK mainland (with the exception to the Highlands and Grampian on larger products where there may be a small charge.)

Don’t forget our legendary sales!

Look out for our sales – we have one nearly all the time on all your favourite items! Obtain your ladder or scaffold tower at an unbeatable price and you could make a saving of up to £200! Order by 3pm for delivery tomorrow!

All our ladders and scaffold towers come with a lifetime guarantee. Every product purchased from us is guaranteed for life, if your purchase fails in some way within this period you may return it to us and we will arrange the repair or replacement.

The above guarantee does not cover physical damage, damage caused by fire, liquid immersion or spillage. 

All prices include VAT at the standard rate.

To browse our sale, products and for more information including ordering on line or over the telephone please visit our website www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk

We look forward to doing business with you soon!

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

BPS – Internet shopping without the frustration


BPS showroom

We’ve all been there – spending hours googling a product we desperately need, the latest must have product or the product that is not available on the high street!

Only to find it is either out of stock too on the internet or the delivery times are too far ahead – and you need the product tomorrow!

It also astounds me how long it can actually take to source the right product – I spent a whole afternoon a couple of weeks ago sourcing an item I needed urgently only to find the delivery time scales were just too far ahead…..unless I was willing to pay an extortionate price – which I personally believe is a hugely unfair levy on a paying customer.

At BPS Access Solutions our overall aim is to please our customers, and as part of our aim we are very keen to make all our products easy to obtain, not only at the best prices with added extras not found anywhere else, but also to get them to you in the quickest possible time, not at an additional cost, but for FREE! Yes that’s right, we deliver to almost anywhere on the UK mainland for free. If you place your order on a working day by 3pm, you will receive it the next working day.

This is not all. We appreciate the differing demands of each and every customer and each order we receive is dealt with on a very personal basis. We appreciate that some of our customers know exactly what ladder or scaffold tower they require and simply need to order it as quickly as possible. At BPS Access solutions, we offer comprehensive on line ordering solutions via our own website, Ebay and Amazon.

Regular visitors to our website may have noticed our ‘New Look’. Our website now provides you with a superior shopping experience. Quickly browse our product range without wasting time on page load times. New signage clearly shows where to find the ladder, scaffold tower or accessory you are looking for, as well as easier than ever ordering.

Of course on line ordering directly from our website is available as before at www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk Our website also contains details of our latest special offers and Sales. All our usual promises apply such as free delivery the next working day and a full lifetime guarantee on all products.

Many of our customers like to seek advice on which ladder would be most suited to their individual needs and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We offer this advice freely over the telephone no matter where you are in the UK, and you can place your order over the phone with us at the same time. Our sales hotline numbers are open 7 days a week for your convenience weekdays until 9pm and weekends until 5pm.

We don’t forget old fashioned values

We also have customers who like to make a day out of their ladder and scaffold choice and to this end we have a High Street shop located in Biggin Hill in Kent. We offer the same unbeatable internet prices in our shop and we highly recommend a visit in order so you can appreciate the quality and durability of all our products whilst getting expert advice on the correct usage. Of course you can also collect your products from here too. For more details and directions, please visit http://www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk/acatalog/Contact_Us.html Our shop is open Saturdays only at the moment, but do check with us as the opening hours do vary from time to time.

I hope you are able to see how we can combat the frustration of internet shopping and speed up what can be a very mundane process.

We all look forward to doing business with you soon at BPS Access Solutions. Both DIY and tradespeople more than welcome.

Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.

Our Industrial scaffold towers meet the highest Safety Standards. Does yours?

stocksWe are very proud of our safety standards and you can be assured that when you buy a loyal aluminium trade or industrial scaffold tower from us, that it reaches the very highest in safety standards – Beware: not all scaffold towers are able to offer this high level of safety.

What is the BS EN 1004 British Kite mark?

It is your peace of mind that our products have been tested and inspected to meet a high standard of safety. BSI is the number one certification body in the UK and the US. BS EN 1004 looks at the design of mobile scaffolds and tower scaffolds made of prefabricated parts. It also discusses safety and performance requirements and shares additional information on complete towers. To ensure your safety and that of your employees, it makes sense to ensure that the scaffold tower you purchase is suitable for your needs and you are not putting anyone at unnecessary risk.

The Industrial Scaffold Tower from BPS

Our Loyal Industrial Scaffold Towers are kite marked to the very latest British Standards meaning they meet all the regulations for use on site set by the Working at Height Regulations 2005 and Health & Safety Executive.

The Loyal Aluminium Industrial Scaffold Tower is available only from us, and has been certified to the very latest British Standards Institute Kite mark (KM583746) in respect of BSEN 1004 (Class 3) safety standard. It has many unique design and safety features not found on other industrial scaffold towers, and in our opinion is the tower system of choice when only the very best will do.

In fact, we are so confident of the strength and durability of this tower that we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to advise you on the best tower for you.

A note about working height….

Please note that “working height” is the level to which someone of average height can safely reach when using a tower.

Available in a wide range of heights, ranging from 3.3m (10’6″) to 14.3m (46’7″) working height, we have a tower for almost every application. In addition, the Loyal Tower is available in four footprint sizes to suit all uses. Our unique tower diagrams and component lists are available from the individual Loyal Tower pages – simply click on the blue link below for full details and to choose your footprint size.

Available in 4 footprint sizes!!

The amazing benefits of our industrial scaffold towers

Not all Industrial Scaffold Towers are the same – ours have many superior features which make them the tower of choice when only the very best will do. We always have large stocks which enables us to deliver direct to your door the day after ordering and, unlike some of our competitors, in one drop. Buy from THE leading tower experts – these are the reasons why:



Loyal Industrial Scaffold Tower

Wheels Extra large 200mm diameter colour coded dual-locking, wheels. Stronger, safer, and easier to move tower and operate the brake mechanism.
Outriggers Flat, articulated rubber bottomed feet for superior contact with ground.
Toeboard One piece folding aluminium toeboard for quicker and easier installation. Will not rot and lighter to handle.
Frame Ribbed profile to all framework for superior grip and therefore safety.

307 kg per platform evenly distributed
Delivery Free and next day in one drop
Guarantee Lifetime,no quibble guarantee on all tower components.

The BPS Promise


We will not be beaten on price, service or quality – that is our promise to you.

For further information about all of our scaffold towers please visit us at http://www.laddersandscaffoldtowers.co.uk/acatalog/Loyal_Trade_Industrial_Scaffold_Towers.html

You can order on line or over the telephone and your order will be with you the next working day!


Ladders and Scaffold Towers are a Leading UK Distributor of Ladders, Loft Ladders, Scaffold Towers, Aluminium Ladders, Extension Ladders , Ladder Accessories and all access equipment.